Senior Editor – Fabian McFarland


I got my writing start working in journalism, but of a different sort. My parents owned a news blog and the revenue from advertising is what paid our bills. I started my professional writing career writing for their website. 

After getting my Bachelor of Arts in Technical Writing, I came to work for Neurogadget. Working here is the best gig I’ve ever had because I work with excellent experts in this field. Contact me at

Junior Editor – Brandon Rutledge

Brandon Rutledge bio picture

I help our Senior Editor oversee a team of amazing writers. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about the fascinating world of neuroscience and BCI. 

In High School, my passion was sports and I wanted to play college basketball. However, I tore an ACL in a nasty way that made this dream impossible, so I shifted my career to my other passion: writing. I knew my career path would lead me to write and editing full time. For fun, I volunteer at the YMCA teaching kids basketball and teamwork.  You can contact me

BCI Expert – Kathleen Vaughn

Kathleen Vaughn bio picture

I became fascinated with BCI after studying the work of Hans Berger, the man who discovered the electrical activity that goes on in the human brain. 

His revolutionary work fueled my passion for the workings of the human brain, so I got a degree in biomedical engineering. BCI is definitely a multidisciplinary field, and the diverse study suited my personality perfectly. 

For fun, I spend my time at tech conventions. I know that’s technically “work,” but when you love what you do, it never feels like work. Contact me at