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The first computer was invented to solve a crisis, a number-crunching crisis. By the year 1880, the population in the United States had grown so large, that it took 7 years just to tabulate the United States census results.

The US government wanted a faster way to get the job done, so they created punch-card base computers that often took up entire rooms, and computer maintenance was much different than it is today.

Today, the smartphones that we carry around in our pockets and our purses have far more computing power than those first giant computers. Our smartphones and our computers are now essential parts of our livelihood and even our jobs. 

So what can you do to avoid that wrenching gut feeling one gets when their computer kicks the bucket? The simple answer is, you can take care of it. Keep reading to learn five tips for taking care of your computer.

1. Back up Your Data and Regularly Clean House

Backing up your data isn’t only good for you and your files, but it’s also good for your computer. The more you allow your computer to fill up with numerous files, software, and apps that you don’t use, the messier it will get and the slower it will be.

Do yourself a favor and back up your files regularly so that you don’t lose anything of importance. Your computer will run better with the extra space.

2. Clean Away the Dust

Computers attract dust like moths to a flame. A dusty computer can begin to trap heat, which will inevitably reduce its lifespan and performance. You can use compressed air in a can to get rid of that dust.

If you’re comfortable doing so, you can also disassemble parts of your computer to get rid of dust there. You can wipe off your case with a damp cloth, but be careful using any households cleaners as they can destroy circuit boards. Cleaning your computer is not something you have to do all the time, but it’s one of the best computer maintenance habits you can form.

3. Perform Essential Updates

Make sure that you regularly check for software and hardware updates, especially if you’ve been having issues. More often than not, a bug or lag in speed just needs an update to smooth things out.

4. Keep Food and Beverages Far Away

This one is obvious, but we can’t stress it enough. Food and beverage spilled onto your computer can be more damaging than anything else. Stay safe and keep food far away.

5. Don’t Overcharge Your Battery

Don’t keep your computer plugged in at all times. Once it’s charged, unplug it. In addition, don’t charge it until it’s below 20%. Unnecessary charging inhibits a batteries’ regenerative capabilities.

Computer Maintenance Can Seriously Prolong Your Computer’s Life

Computer maintenance isn’t hard, especially if you make it a routine practice for yourself and your machine.

Doing simple things like getting a case, getting rid of dust, keeping liquids away, and performing necessary updates can do wonders for your computer’s lifespan. 

Don’t wait to do so, as it could cost you hundreds and even thousands. Check out our blog for more information on laptop maintenance.