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Are you tired of paying those expensive monthly cable bills? Do you want something more affordable without ending up on the short end of the stick?

Perhaps you should consider investing in an indoor antenna for your TV.

TV antennas are going through a renaissance of some sort. Despite the advent of digital streaming, the number of American households investing in TV antennas continues to grow.

But what really are the benefits of an indoor antenna? It is really worth ditching your longstanding cable subscription?

Continue reading below as we tackle some of the most compelling reasons to switch back to the TV antenna.

Indoor Antenna: 5 Reasons It Rocks

It is normal to have some doubts about indoor antennas. People have this notion that they are a thing of the past. Even if they sound “ancient” for others, the advantages of indoor antennas make a lot more noise.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to buy one:

More Economical

This is perhaps the biggest reason why homes are switching from cable to an indoor antenna. The average monthly cable bill is $103. In some areas, it can even go as high as $108.

Multiply that to 12 months and you get over a thousand dollars. That is the amount you can save if you switch to an indoor TV antenna. And let’s not forget that cable companies tend to jack up their charges at an annual rate of 4%.

That is the amount of money you can spend on more important things. You can spend the money on a weekend getaway with the family. You can also use the cash to enroll your kids in summer classes.

You can also use the money to build up your savings fund. Or perhaps settle some outstanding debts.

Generally, antennas will cost you somewhere around $10 to $100. And that is only a one-time payment. But don’t settle for the cheapest one that is readily available.

Conduct some research and due diligence. Come up with at least three options and compare them from one another.

Free Channels Abound

Another exciting advantage of an indoor TV antenna is the free channels. First and foremost, you can enjoy key local channels. These include ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and NBC.

You will also get to watch your favorite sporting events through the local sports channels. In essence, an indoor antenna will let you tap up to as much as 60 channels for free. Moreover, you can also enjoy some high definition channels.

In addition, you can also tap into sub-channels. These come from broadcast stations that send specific frequencies. Under each frequency, you will find sub-channels.

For every channel, you can get up to as much as four sub-channels simultaneously.

Easy Installation

Once you decide to purchase an indoor antenna, you don’t need to worry much when it comes to installation. An indoor TV antenna is easy to install.

You don’t even need to hire a contractor to handle the installation. In fact, you can install the antenna in under an hour.

Beat the Weather

During storms and harsh weather conditions, the signal strength of your cable connection tends to suffer. In much worse cases, strong winds can even topple your satellite dish.

But with an indoor antenna, you can enjoy viewing even if the weather is terrible. You can still get the latest updates from your local news channels. This is crucial especially during emergency cases.

Better Quality

Lastly, indoor antennas can give you better visual quality. This is because antennas can provide uncompressed HD.

A basic cable subscription only renders standard definition. You will have to pay extra if you wish to upgrade to HD.

Tips for Getting the Best Reception

In line with the benefits that come with indoor TV antennas, you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Securing the best reception is something you should work on. Here are some tips that will help improve your viewing experience:

The Broadcast Towers

Before you head on to the store to get your indoor antenna, you must first identify the location of the broadcast towers in your area. This will help you determine the power of the antenna you need to get the channels that you want.

But you don’t need to go out physically. You can conduct your search online. There are websites that show you the location of these towers by inputting your address.

Take ‘Em Higher

One of the fundamentals of antennas is the higher their position is, the better the reception they provide. Thus, you need to position your indoor antenna as high as you can.

Some homeowners find this challenging, especially if the TV is inside a basement. In such cases, you may need to place your antenna up in the attic.

Keep Metals at Bay

When finding a spot for your antenna, make sure it is away from any metal. This includes placing them near metallic surfaces.

This is because metal disrupts digital signals. When signals don’t come in smoothly, you can expect a blurry reception on your TV. Keep your indoor antenna away from metal bug screens or burglar bars.

In case you have a metal roof, it is best to place your antenna somewhere in the middle part of the attic.

Find the Sweet Spot

Lastly, you need to find the sweet spot for your antenna. Don’t settle for the most convenient spot. You need to test different areas.

One good tip is to install it near a window. But as we mentioned above, make sure the window doesn’t sport any metal bars or screens.

Maximize the Gifts of Technology

Investing in an indoor antenna will translate to savings. It will also help you rediscover the wonders of TV viewing.

As for the other forms of technology in your house, there are ways to maximize their benefits. We invite you to check our other blog posts. We discuss various topics that enrich people’s knowledge.

We share articles that aim to improve the way you enjoy life in a more efficient way.