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Let’s face it, fellow iPhone users. We love iPhones for their sleek design, incredible features, well-known name. But — they’re expensive.

The latest iPhones can cost upwards of $1,000, the iPhone XS Max with 512GB costing $1,449. And even older versions aren’t going for less than $450!

But that’s not stopping us from getting our hands on them.

In fact, of the 223 million smartphone users in 2017, 90 million of them were iPhone users. And although Apple came second to Android, the iPhone itself is the top-selling individual phone in the U.S.

If you’ve splurged on this piece, you need to know some iPhone hacks. You may as well get your money’s worth. In your hands is a tool that can do many things (and that may contribute to the high price tag!). 

So, let’s learn six ways you can optimize your iPhone usage and milk it for all its worth!

1. Adjust Your Exposure Before Taking a Photo

Instead of adjusting your photo after you take it, through a series of edits and filters, why not make it better the first time?

Exposure is tricky. Too dark, and you’ve lost the warm glow you may have been going for. Too bright and everything loses its lines. Did you know you can adjust your exposure with a simple touch of your screen?

When taking a photo, tap the screen like you’d do to focus it. A yellow square with a yellow sun will appear. Drag your finger up or down to adjust the light exposure!

Check out this helpful post for more smartphone photography tips.

2. Set a Sleep Timer 

Ever wanted to watch just one more episode of Netflix? But you also didn’t want to wake up at 3:33 a.m. with your phone still playing because you fell asleep and didn’t shut it off. Now your circadian rhythm is all messed up, and you’re having trouble falling back asleep.

That’s one scenario where a sleep timer might come in handy. It’s also great for your music, meditation podcasts, and more.

Go to your Timer under the Clock section of your phone. Set the timer for how long you’d like it to stay on. Notice how it says When Timer Ends right below the numbers?

When you click this, it brings you to another screen. At the bottom, you’ll see Stop Playing. Click this, and any noise from your phone will stop playing when the timer’s up.

3. Charge Your Phone at Airplane-Speed

Ever been in a time crunch and really needed to get your phone charged quickly? Perhaps you were about to go out for the night and didn’t want to bring a charger, but your phone’s on red, and you need your GPS.

Charge your phone faster by setting it to Airplane mode. This will reduce anything from your incoming calls and texts to minimizing the data getting used in the background. Apps stop running; your phone gets a little break.

This allows it to charge quicker than if it were sitting on the counter in Regular mode.

4. See Where You’ve Been

This one is equal parts cool and creepy (but don’t worry — we teach you how to shut it off).

We all pretty much know that our phones know what we do. We use Location Services to get us around town. We geotag photos on Instagram and Facebook. We let our location help us find nearby food, bars, entertainment.

Well, all that information gets stored somewhere by default.

Go to your Settings — hit Privacy, then Location Services. At the very bottom of the screen, you’ll see System Services. From there, you’ll see something called Significant Locations.

Chances are, if you didn’t know this was here, you’ll see that it’s already on. Once you’re in this part of your phone, you’ll see almost any place you’ve visited, your repeat visits, when you went there, and more.

If this freaks you out, press the green On button to Off.

5. Custom Ringtones Are so Old-School

Do you remember when custom ringtones were a thing? Everyone had one or, more like it, one for every contact in their phonebook.

Now you can have a custom vibration instead. Let’s face it. No one does ringtones anymore.

First, go to your Contacts. Select the person you’d like to make a custom vibration for. Click Edit on the top right of the screen.

Click Ringtone and then see Vibration. It will be set at Default. You can choose from a variety of standard, fun vibrations, or create a new one (Create New Vibration button near the bottom of the screen).

Now you’ll be able to tell who’s calling you from your purse or wallet! No looking, no hands!

6. Give Your Phone a Shake

Say you’re fighting with your partner or best friend. You just vented through your fingertips, typing a much-too-long text message that released all your emotions.

Yeah — let’s not send that.

Rather than holding the back button forever or Selecting All then Cutting (and risking hitting Send!), give your phone a shake. That’s right. Shake it from side to side like you would an Etch A Sketch as a child.

An Undo message will appear on your screen! Hit Cancel or Undo. Your message disappears. 

iPhone Hacks Are Life Hacks

These game-changing iPhone hacks are sure to make a difference in the way you interact with your smartphone. They’ll change the way you take photos of special moments, watch TV before bed — and shave seconds off your time with little tricks.

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