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Growth is an integral part of the process for any up-and-coming SaaS company, but do you have the tools you’ll need to scale with the growth when it comes?  Let’s make sure you’re ready to handle the burst of business headed your way and look at 5 of the best technologies to help you efficiently manage the many moving parts that come with business growth.


Use machine learning to automate your business processes.


Any responsible business will learn from their past initiatives and base their future business decisions in part on how successful (or not) those previous initiatives were.  The problem is that parsing all that historical data and shaping it into something useful can eat up a lot of time you could be used for other important work.


Machine learning, a form of AI, can automate much of this work for you. Mainly, it can read and classify various types of data, and use it to make decisions with no human intervention.  This helps you eliminate the time overhead and removes human error from the equation entirely.


Use apps to make onboarding quicker and easier than ever.


As any Human Resources professional will tell you, the onboarding process is an incredibly time-consuming one.  Aside from the days of in-person orientation meetings, HR staff have traditionally needed to arrange all nature of access, benefits, and other particulars.  Onboarding apps exist to automate not only the actual orientation process but also automatically add employees to any systems they’ll need to use.


Use CRM to streamline your client touches for maximum retention.


CRM software is a must-have for any client-focused business, as it not only keeps track of all your information about both customers and leads but a great deal of other useful information.  It keeps track of all your interactions with your contacts, your various business development, and marketing campaigns, and can even schedule check-ins with existing customers.


The best CRM platforms can even integrate with your other business applications, including email marketing services, email, and calendaring.  By centralizing all customer-related activity, it can help separate groups within your organization stay organized while working toward your shared goals.


Take advantage of chatbots to increase responsiveness to customers.


You may have the best customer service team in the world, but as your business grows, will they be able to scale with that growth?  Hiring new customer service staff might not always be the answer, but chatbots can provide the ideal solution.  While they may not be able to handle more in-depth requests, they can serve as an effective (and cheap) front line for incoming customer interactions.


Automate your purchasing and renewal processes.


A wise man once said, “Once you’ve made the sale, stop selling.”  While that doesn’t mean you can ignore customers once they’ve given you their money, it also doesn’t mean you need to process every sale or renewal you make personally.  By linking a payment portal like Paypal into your purchasing system, you can make sure that satisfied customers can renew on their own, or that new customers can jump right in.




Regardless of the type of SaaS service, you’re selling, there’s more to it than just growth.  You need to have the infrastructure in place to scale with your growth, and whether you’re running an educational portal or selling print shop software, the tools above can prepare you to handle the growth to come efficiently.

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