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The ERP industry is expected to generate 47 billion dollars between 2017 and 2022.

Companies are willing to spend so much on ERP software because they know it’ll help their business.

You may know a little bit about ERP software, but you might wonder whether it’s right for your business. After all, it can be an expensive option and so you want to be sure before you hand over any money.

Below you’ll discover three points that highlight the benefits of an ERP system. If you currently have some doubts about ERP software, this post may just cause you to have a change of heart.

Let’s begin!

Make Better Business Decisions

One of the great things about an ERP system is that it allows you to have a ‘top-down’ view of your entire business.

For instance, you can quickly review the performance of specific departments within your company. You can also look at how your business is performing concerning the previous financial year.

Using all this information, you can get the insights needed to make better business decisions.

Suppose you notice that a specific department isn’t turning a profit.

You can use the data from your ERP suite to figure out what’s going wrong. Maybe they’re spending too much on raw materials and thus a new supplier is needed. Perhaps labor costs are too high, and you need to lay off some workers. 

Provided you’ve installed your ERP system properly, you should be able to derive such insights in a matter of minutes.

Keep Track of Your Business Wherever You Are

Another good thing about ERP systems is they often come with a certain level of cloud functionality. So, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your ERP data from anywhere in the world. 

Now, the amount of data you can access will come down to the ERP system you’re using.

Some companies will provide you with an app that’s pretty similar to the desktop solution. However, some companies might only offer a small level of functionality within their app.

It’s worth noting that the way the software is implemented can also have a big impact on how easy it is for you to access data from a mobile device.

Because of this, it’s essential you use the services of an expert when setting your ERP system. So, if you’re going to use an Epicor ERP system, make sure you use a company that specializes in Epicor implementation.

Maintain Better Records

Another great thing about ERP systems is they allow you to keep detailed records.

This is especially helpful if your business belongs to an industry, where keeping records is highly important.

Note that if you want to maintain the best possible records, make sure you pick an ERP system associated with your industry. Such solutions will have tailored features that allow you to record data in a way that’ll please the authorities.

Do You Appreciate the Benefits of an ERP System?

Now that you’ve read this post, you should appreciate the benefits of an ERP system.

There are lots of ERP suites to choose from, so deciding on the right one can be overwhelming. The best way to overcome this problem is to simply take your time. When speaking to salespeople, don’t feel the need to make a decision there and then. Do things on your own terms and dedicate plenty of time to research.

As long as you review all the options on offer, you should eventually end up with an ERP suite that’s perfect for your company.

Has your business benefited from using an ERP solution? Please share your stories in the comments section!