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Not only is your home your emotional safe space, but the place in which you store your valuable and invaluable possessions. However, unfortunately, because we live in a flawed world, unseemly individuals will try to unlawfully make their way into your home. It’s your responsibility to prevent this from happening. 

How can you prevent this from happening? By avoiding the home security mistakes which are most common among homeowners. 

Curious as to what these mistakes are? Then read on. We’re going to review the 7 most common home security missteps. 

1. Hiding Keys Under Your Outdoor Rug

One of the most common practices of homeowners everywhere is to leave spare keys under the rugs in front of their front doors. While this can certainly help to avoid getting locked out of the house, it can also lead to security breaches.

After all, at this point, everyone knows about the practice, especially thieves. So, in essence, by leaving a key under your rug, you are inviting unwanted individuals to come into your home. Obviously, you don’t want to do that. 

There are two ways to get around this problem: 1. You can keep a spare key on your person, or 2. You can install electronic locks. By installing electronic locks, you forego the use of keys entirely, allowing access to your home with the use of a simple passcode. 

2. Leaving Valuable Items Visible 

Another common home security mistake is to leave valuable items visible from the outside of your home. In doing so, you attract every potential burglar who comes your way. After all, valuable items are exactly what such individuals are looking for. 

Have an HDTV on the opposite side of your front window? Have an expensive laptop in plain view on your coffee table? If so, you are making your home a target for shady individuals. 

While you don’t have to keep the curtains down at all times, you should do your best to keep these valuable items in a non-visible location. The less obvious you can make them, the less of a target your home will be. 

3. Putting Full Packaging Boxes By Your Trash Can

Maybe you just bought a new TV? Perhaps you invested in the latest, greatest gaming console?

If so, you need to dispose of the item’s packaging in a safe and discrete manner. In other words, you shouldn’t place such packaging in plain view on your curb, but find a way to hide it instead. 

If you can, stuff these packages into your trash can. If you can’t, cut them into smaller pieces and throw them in plastic bags.

Whatever it takes to eliminate the indication of a new possession, you should do it. In doing so, you’ll make your home less of a target for intruders. 

4. Keeping Shrubbery in Close Proximity to Your Home

One of the more common landscaping practices among residential properties is to grow shrubbery in close proximity to the home. While this might provide a pleasant aesthetic contrast, it creates a problem when it comes to security. 

Why is such shrubbery a problem? Because it provides intruders with a convenient place to hide, allowing them to squeeze unnoticed between the shrubbery and the side of the house. This is particularly troublesome if you have shrubbery leading up to one or more of your doors. 

If you’re going to have shrubbery in your yard, you should keep it at least 10 feet away from your home. In addition, you should make sure that it’s trimmed on a regular basis. Trimmed shrubbery is hard to hide behind, and is, therefore, a threat to potential intruders. 

5. Placing Security System Control Panel in Visible Area 

Whether it be home security, apartment security, or otherwise, security systems can be hugely beneficial. However, if these systems aren’t installed optimally, they can still create problems. 

One of the mistakes that many homeowners make when installing security systems is mounting their control panels in visible areas. The reason that this is a problem is that, if a security system is shut off, an intruder will be able to see that it’s shut off. This will typically be indicated by the red light which sits on the control panel. 

So, instead of mounting your control panel in a visible area, mount it in a less-obvious room. Second-story rooms are ideal, as they can’t be easily seen from outside. 

6. Allowing Mail to Stack Up in Your Mailbox 

The fact of the matter is that if intruders think you’re home, they’re much less likely to try and make their way into your house. Therefore, you have to make every effort to show that you’re in your house, even when you’re not. 

How can you indicate that you’re in your house when you’re not? One of the keys is to keep your mail from stacking up in your mailbox.

After all, if mail is stacking up, it’s because the homeowner isn’t picking it up. If the homeowner isn’t picking it up, it’s more than likely because he or she isn’t home. 

There are two ways to prevent mail from stacking up when you’re out of town: 1. Have a trusted friend pick it up for you, or 2. Have the post office put it on hold. 

7. Posting Travel Plans on Social Media 

Social media has a lot of positives. However, it doesn’t always jibe with home security. This is particularly true if it’s used to indicate that you are out of town. 

In other words, don’t post your travel plans on social media while you’re still out of town. By doing so, you alert your entire friend list (and others) to the fact that you’re not home. This makes your home something of a sitting duck. 

The social media posts can wait. Enjoy your time away from home, and let everyone know about it after you’ve returned. 

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