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The smart home. For many people, it was a pipe dream. But now it is more real than ever.

The market is growing and expected to reach a size of $151.38 billion by the year 2024. There’s a lot to look forward to.

But with all the tech out there, how are you supposed to know what the best products are?

That’s what we’re here for.

Check out the five cool home gadgets below that will make your smart home even better.

1. Smart Lights

Are you sick of your standard lighting? LED bulbs have reshaped house lighting by giving us the ability to create creative and efficient lighting everywhere in the home.

LEDs don’t only let you light your home as you want, but they also save energy. LED lights use much less energy than traditional light bulbs.

Smart bulbs can also connect to WiFi. This capability allows you to control your lights remotely and schedule them to go on and off as you please.

2. Smart Thermostat

Smart homes devices should be there to help make things more effective. Smart thermostats do this by automating your A/C and heat.

You can heat and cool your home on a schedule. You don’t need your home to be at a comfortable temperature when nobody is there.

With these thermostats, you can save energy by reducing the use of your A/C and heater.

3. Smart Assistant

As you continue to learn about gadgets, you will discover that there is a lot out there.

As our homes become more sophisticated, we need a way to manage things that aren’t hard to do.

Smart assistants can provide this capability by integrating with your other devices. Instead of opening up an app for the device you want to work with, just talk to your assistant to have it do the work.

Smart assistants can also help you organize your life. They can set timers, alarms, calendar entries, and manage your shopping list.

4. Smart Locks

Do you hate getting your keys out every time you need to unlock the door?

You’d love smart locks. Instead of using your keys for entry, you use your phone.

Smart locks make use of Bluetooth technology to make a connection to your phone. It can identify you and automatically unlock the door for you.

You can also let other people into your home. Instead of leaving a key around, you can set your lock to unlock for certain people during specific time frames.

5. Smart Shades

Do you like a lot of light during the day, but want your shades closed at night?

You can use smart shades to make this happen. You set a schedule for your blinds to open and close on the schedule you want.

You can also control your blinds through smart assistants or smartphone. You don’t have to waste time fiddling with them to get them up and down.

Buy These Cool Home Gadgets Today

We live in an exciting time. Every year more products are released that make our lives more fun and productive.

We have everything we need to make our homes do almost everything we can imagine.

These aren’t the only cool home gadgets available either. Head over to our blog to learn about the latest releases.