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IT is big business worldwide. As a whole, the industry is worth a whopping 3 trillion dollars.

As a business owner, you’re probably acquainted with how much money IT is asking for given the amount that you’re spending on hiring experts al-la-carte to fix your tech issues or via the amount that you’re paying your dedicated, in-house IT team.

Here’s something that you may not fully realize though… All of that cash that you’re paying out to fix your computer problems, maintain your network and more doesn’t need to be spent. As a matter of fact, you could save the vast majority of that cash by migrating your IT workflow to a managed IT services firm.

Managed IT services are offsite IT experts that help your business with all of its needs around the clock. Here are some of the reasons why your business should consider managed IT services.

1. Cost Savings

All business owners shout be cognizant of the amount of money that they’re spending. After all, the more money that you spend to run your business, the less that your operation can post in profits.

So then, it stands to reason that you should be hunting down every opportunity available to save money so long as those savings don’t negatively impact your business operations.

Hiring managed IT services allows you to do exactly that.

Managed IT services work with a small handful of clients. That means that their expenses are subsidized by multiple parties which equals less burden on your organization.

2. A Team of Experts for Less Than the Cost of an Employee

Pricing for IT services and how much employees make vary of course from place to place.

As a general rule though, when you factor in how much an in-house IT person makes in salary and benefits, we’re willing to bet that amount of money could over-buy you a relationship with a cutting edge managed IT firm.

So, for less than the cost of a single dedicated employee, you can get access to a whole offsite team that’s committed to your business’ continued technological growth.

Talk about a great value!

3. Easy Scaling

Let’s say that your business has a small handful of clients today. To manage that workload, maybe you only have 1 or 2 in-house employees hired on.

But what if your client load expands rapidly? Suddenly, you have greater IT needs which means that you need to hire more people.

The process of now needing to put out ads, vet applications, conduct phone interviews and multiple rounds of in-person interviews can turn out to be positively exhausting.

On the other hand, if you already have a relationship with a managed IT services organization, they’d just add more reps to your account.

4. World-Class Consultants

Having a managed IT team in your corner isn’t just about having people to fix things when they go wrong with your business. Managed IT also provides outstanding consulting services.

Anything that you want to achieve from a technological standpoint, you can bring it to your IT team’s attention and they’ll work with you to help find the best possible solutions.

5. Ease of Use

A lot of managed IT’s day-to-day services are conducted remotely. That might scare business owners but thanks to today’s tech, conducting business online has become more simple and secure than ever.

In moments, your external IT team can tap into one of your local machines, into your network and into any other piece of tech that has access to your internet connection.

While the occasional on-site visit might be necessary, 9 out of 10 times your managed IT services team will be able to help you out at the drop of a hat from anywhere in the world.

6. Multi-Disciplinary Knowledge

When you hire a candidate, it’s a huge positive if they’ve done the job that you’re hiring for for a number of companies across a variety of industries. The reason being that with that kind of experience, they’d bring a lot of value to your organization.

Managed IT services bring that benefit to the table, big-time.

External IT firms are actively working with multiple clients that operate in a variety of facets. That hands-on experience gives them the tools to quickly diagnose and advise on any issues you need solved or ideas that you need brought to fruition.

7. Reduced Liability

IBM estimates that the average data breach costs businesses 3.9 million dollars. Much of that money has to do with the repercussions that stem for liability.

When you work with a 3rd party IT team, not only are they going to be proactive in protecting you from breaches but if one does occur, you may be able to legally share with or shift the liability to your contractor.

In any case, if you need another reason why your business should consider managed IT services, having a team that’s qualified managing your data security is another layer of protection for your customers and for your business.

Wrapping Up Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Managed IT Services

Managed IT services bring with them a bevy of benefits that business owners across all industry niches can benefit from.

We hope that our list of reasons why your business should consider managed IT services got wheels turning in your head. If so, don’t spend too much time contemplating and instead, take the leap to start saving money and improving your organization’s relationship with technology.

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