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Did that video just say that I should check to make sure I learn how to clog? That doesn’t make much sense since it is about gourmet cooking.

Is your auto video captioning failing your videos too?

With 85% of videos watched with the audio off, your captions need to be on point. You’ve done all of the work to create an amazing video so don’t let it get the scroll by because people don’t know what’s going on.

Continue reading this article to learn why you should use captioning services.

Video Captioning for the Win

If you aren’t using professional video captioning services for your transcription needs, you’re missing out. And here’s why.

1. Makes Videos Easier to Understand

Even if someone has the audio on, it isn’t always easy to understand what someone is saying. If words are very similar, people might think they said the other word and it could make a big difference in what information the video is conveying.

When people are able to read along as they listen to the video, it makes it easier to comprehend.

2. Easily Use Video Content for Additional Tasks

Once you have the video captioned, you can take the transcription and use it for little clips. You could make tweets out of part of the transcription or quote graphics.

3. Accessibility for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

With a large audience of people that are either deaf or hard of hearing, you can open up your content to this community. Not every video has closed captioning but when yours does, this makes your video more appealing.

4. Legal Compliance

In some cases, there are laws that require videos to be closed captioned in order for people that have disabilities are able to have access to the same information as people without disabilities.

With the low cost of having your videos captioned, it makes sense to have it done so you can remain legally compliant.

5. Better SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a powerful way to attract new viewers to your content. The only problem is that with most videos, Google and other search engines can’t figure out what is being said.

When you have video captioning, the search engines don’t have to guess at what your video is about. Take the guesswork out and work on building your search engine rankings.

Transcribing Your Own or Using a Service?

If you’re not quick at typing, it could take you hours to transcribe a short video. You likely have other things to do with your time.

You can find someone online that will do your video captioning for you or even talk with an intern at your company to see if they are able to take care of it.

Ready to Increase Your Tech Genius?

Now that you know the benefits of video captioning, are you ready to continue increasing your tech genius?

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