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Your employees need pay stubs for a variety of reasons from proof of income for a loan to help to keep track of their income.

If your employees are asking for pay stubs and you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to check out a pay stub generator for your business. Don’t get overwhelmed with how to use it.

Continue reading this article for tips on using a pay stub generator.

Pay Stub Generator for Your Business

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1. Make Sure the Numbers Match

A true pay stub has deductions as well as payment information. Make sure the numbers match up in all fields or the document won’t be helpful.

You should consider your state’s specific deductions as well as any deductions that come out of the paycheck for insurance or retirement plans.

2. Properly Enter Personal Information

If you make a mistake spelling your employee’s name or inputting their employee ID number, the document may become invalid. If you aren’t sure whether you need to enter a middle name or if the spelling of a name is correct, make sure to validate this before you generate the pay stub.

3. Keep a Template

Since you’re going to be creating pay stubs on a regular basis, make sure that you keep a template. You don’t want to have to design and input the same information over and over again.

Your business address and employer identification number are two of the things you can make sure are consistent in your template. If your employees are on salary, you may also want to include their earnings.

4. Check Your Pay Period

When you’re entering information on the pay stub, make sure that you check the payment period. If you enter the payment period is for 2 weeks but you accidentally only enter the numbers for 1 week of pay, this will show that the employee only earns half as much as they really earn.

5. Use a Professional Service

If you don’t want to create your own templates or if you don’t want to do all of your own calculations, you can use a professional pay stub generator.

Even if you use a professional pay stub generator, you should check to make sure all of the information and math is correct. If you accidentally enter a number in the one’s place when it is supposed to go in the one hundred’s place, the income is going to be far off in this case as well.

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Now you know more about using a pay stub generator for your business. With this added knowledge, you’ll be able to help your employees prove their income and stay on track with their earnings throughout the year.

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