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It’s easy to look around and forget how much technology has changed our lives. In the last 25 years, we’ve seen an epic shift from making calls at phone booths (remember those?) to having everything in the palm of the hand.

Look around and see if you can spot one thing that hasn’t been changed by technology. Even a park can be managed with technologies that save water.

Want to see what the future holds? Check out these tech innovations that will move your life forward in 2019 and beyond.

1. Homes are Smarter

“Alexa, turn on the bedroom light.” That’s becoming a much more popular command since the demand for smart homes has increased.

This tech innovation will help you manage your home and keep it secure with cameras and alarms.

2. Will AI Take Your Job?

One of the biggest questions and concerns about the tech economy is whether or not technology will take your job. We’re starting to see automated delivery vehicles, self-driving cars, and robotic warehouses.

These tech innovations will eliminate jobs, but it’s not clear yet how these jobs will shift into other sectors of the economy.

3. The Smart Clock

We check our phones about 50 times a day. A lot of us check our phones as soon as we wake up. We want to see what time it is, the schedule of the day and what the weather is like.

That can change with a good old fashioned clock. Lenovo is coming out with the Smart Clock, which will play your favorite tunes, assist with your smart home, and give you the option to wake up according to your calendar and usual commute times.

That can change your morning routine completely. You’ll be able to look at something else besides your phone for a while after you wake up. Since it runs on Google Assistant, you can use a tool like PieSync to sync all of your contacts into

4. We’re Always Plugged In

We’ve come a long way from using mobile phones for just calls and taking pictures

How many times do you see people walking down the street with earbuds in their ears? They’re always plugged in, listening to music and AirBuds are just a part of normal life.

Audible and Spotify are among several companies that are offering video along with music and audiobooks. They recognize that since you have AirBuds, you’re going to want to watch a video when you have a few minutes to spare.

5. Social Media Become Healthier

This seems like a bit of a stretch since social media has been credited with increasing depression and division in our society.

Tech companies are starting to take the lead in creating a better internet. They’re cracking down on false posts, and educating users about the latest research that says that a lot of use without interacting with people will make you feel worse, not better.

Tech Innovations Won’t End

 It’s human nature to want to improve how to live. Technology has impacted the way we live for generations, and that won’t change anytime soon.

How will tech innovations impact your life? You’re pretty much always going to be plugged in. You’ll have clocks that tell you your schedule and hopefully, technology won’t take your job.

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