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As a web hosting reseller, your job is to purchase a Reseller Hosting package, identify and understand the client’s requirements and offer hosting solutions accordingly. You are not required to either spend time or money to set up and/or manage the web server. All you need to do is find a reliable hosting provider and choose the hosting plan (Linux Reseller Hosting or Windows, Managed or Unmanaged services). Once you have decided the hosting platform and purchased the plan, you need to start selling and providing services to your clients. However, this is where the main challenge lies – succeeding in your Reseller Hosting business requires a well-planned approach and a strategic marketing plan. Today, we will offer 5 tips to help you achieve success as a hosting reseller.

1. Start a Blog

A blog offers many advantages – you can identify the pain areas faced by website owners and address them by writing about how your hosting services can be helpful to them, get better search engine rankings by using the frequently-used search terms as keywords, etc. The best part is that if the readers think that your article offers valuable information, then they will share it with others on social media thereby increasing your brand awareness. Be honest and genuine – write to help people.

2. Referral Program

Let’s say that you have 10 customers today who are very happy with your services. If anyone asks them about their hosting plan, they recommend you. However, in order to convert these positive reviews into business, you need a plan – a Referral Program. A Referral Program is a win-win proposition as it allows you to grow your business while your existing customer (who refer prospects) get some perks/benefits in exchange for the referrals. This is cost-efficient as well as an effective way of making your Reseller Hosting business successful.

3. Brand Perception

As users, we know that we cannot trust what the brand says about its products or services. That’s why we look for reviews from other users. Hence, the perception of your brand or what people say about your services is critical in ensuring the success of your business.
Proactively seek reviews from your customers and publish them on your website. Keep the positive, as well as, negative reviews there – people are smart and they would know if you decided to hide the negative ones.

4. Interact and Engage

Social media platforms have evolved due to the inherent need of people to interact and engage with others. This is true for businesses as well. Today, all brands – big or small – have an active social media presence. Hire a resource who manages your social media profiles or dedicate some time every day and do it yourself. Reply to queries comments and share information that your followers might find helpful. Users like brands who value their opinion and find time to respond to them quickly. Be the brand who cares.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines drive the maximum traffic to most websites. Good page rank in the search engine results page can almost guarantee you better quality traffic and a sharp increase in numbers too. Optimize the content on your website/blog for search engines.


The Reseller Hosting business has a lot of potential for growth since a reseller can offer customized solutions which most hosting companies cannot. Be a solution-driven hosting provider and ensure that you market your services well. After all, a good business is the one which the users are aware of. Follow these tips and see an improvement in your Reseller Hosting business. Good Luck!