There is a wide selection of stable emulators for Nintendo 64 (N64). Still, one of the most popular and effective is Project 64. The developers incorporated lots of useful cheats into their project, which made it possible for users to achieve considerable results in playing favorite Nintendo classics. In the given article, we list some interesting cheats that can be added to the Project 64 emulator. If you want to use them too, you are welcome to familiarize yourself with our tutorial.

Working with Cheats Menu

First of all, you’ll need to activate the advanced settings. After installing your Project 64, you’ll discover that the Cheats menu is hidden.

To enable it, make sure to access the “Options” menu and click “Settings.”

Furthermore, select “Options.” Then, untick the “Hide Advanced Options” box.

Upon exiting “Options,” the incorporated changes will be saved.

Once you are done with that, open N64 ROMs in your emulator. As you know ROM files are images of a certain system’s games, or cartridges, you can play on your Project 64. Please note that the Cheat menu will remain inaccessible until you open a ROM file.

Now, it’s high time that you opened the Cheat menu. While running you game file, access the system menu and choose “Cheats.” Alternatively, you can select one of the games in your ROM directory list by right-clicking on it and choosing “Edit Cheats.”

  • Please note that you will be able to play only those games that are listed among the ROMs Project 64 can support. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the menu and make any changes.

Premade Cheats

Navigate to the list of the cheat options in your emulator. As we have noted, the emulator we are talking about can boast of one of the large cheat databases, which makes it possible for players to enjoy virtually all popular N64 games on their computers.

So, you have loaded the ROM file and opened the menu. Now you are ready to work with the premade cheats.

  • You will be presented with a long list of available cheats. You are free to choose between them and even add new cheats.
  • As a rule, you will see a brief description upon selecting a particular cheat. Nonetheless, in some particular situations, no accompanying description may be provided.


You will also notice a box next to the trick you want to use. If you have decided upon the cheat, tick this box. Note that you are not limited a single option only. You’re free to select as many tricks as you want to use at once. Still, make sure to not overburden your emulator. The truth is that too many selected cheats may entail such undesired consequences as freezes and lags.

Furthermore, you may want to select the variable, which will make it possible for you to slightly change the way your cheat works for a similar item.

To do it, select “(=> ?).” Upon doing so, you’ll see a new pop-up window, which will let to choose the necessary variable.

Just imagine that situation, where you need to work with your character’s inventory. By selecting a certain cheat, you enable ability to modify it, whereas using variables will make it possible to use modifications for different items stored in your inventory.

After that, you will be able to use the selected cheat in any of N64 games. In the majority of cases, cheats are come into effect immediately. If not, you’ll need to trigger it during the gameplay. Therefore, take care to read the description accompanying the cheat carefully to find out more about the subtleties of its activation.

Adding Cheats

Find the cheat you want to add to your emulator on the Internet. Will need to look for the game you want to cheat on and follow it up with “cheat codes” to get the desired software.

  • Make sure to use trustworthy and reputable online sources and never download codes from the sites that look suspicious.
  • Also, keep in mind that Project 64 is only compatible with GameShark codes.

Then, run the game you want to play and open the Cheat menu.

Choose the “New Cheat” option. To make this option visible, just right-click on the blank space or anything else within your Cheat menu.

Take care to name your new cheat properly. It’s necessary to make the future process of choosing the game easy.

Don’t forget to insert the new code into the “Code” box. Include all the spaces in this code to avoid malfunctioning.

Now you can enjoy cheats for any cool N64 game in your Project 64 emulator!

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