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Is there a killer method to quit smoking, drinking, nails biting, or even gambling once and for all? This question concerns anyone who got stuck in the infinite struggle with their big and small addictions. But no rush to surrender: if traditional methods offered by your friends, relatives or psychologist didn’t work, there is another way.

As you could already guess, this way is trekking. The day you kick off your first trekking journey has the potential to put an end to your bad habits. And now we will tell you why trekking is so powerful game-changer.


  1. Trekking Reveals You the Charm of a Healthy Lifestyle

Basic tips to adopt a healthy lifestyle are boring as heck. You likely find nothing entertaining in “jog 10 minutes around your humdrum neighbourhood, eat an apple a day, and don’t forget to pour a ton of water into yourself”, cause this is all about routine. Trekking, on the contrary, releases you from the daily grind and shows the fun side of being strong and healthy.

Trekking is a long-distance route across mountains or other picturesque landscapes, what makes it highly enjoyable. However, it’s not hiking or backpacking — there are some facilities on the route, so you won’t die if you run out of supplies.

Even with these supplies available, you won’t be able to drink and smoke during the trip. Trekking is physically challenging because you need to walk for weeks in harsh terrains. Trust: you wouldn’t want to smoke a cigarette climbing on a slope out of breath.

Instead of this, you will burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour, do an all-body workout every day, and improve cardiovascular health. Moreover, you’ll get a portion of your natural endorphins rather than stimulating their production by nicotine or alcohol consumption.


  1. Trekking Liberates from Loneliness

The roots of any addiction lie in psychological discomfort that results from a feeling of emptiness, anxiety, grief, exhaustion, etc. The reasons for those feelings may be different, but one of them is loneliness. Undoubtedly, It’s much easier to fall for bad habits when one lacks support and understanding from others.

Trekking is a highly social activity where you act as a team with a group of other people. But it’s not like the office teamwork: here you share all moments of living with each other, not only business tasks and ideas. Your lives become one for the period of all route, so it’s impossible to feel lonely when you have such a deep connection with others.


  1. Nature and Trekking are Inseparable. Nature is Inspiring

Trekking routes always pass through sparsely populated or even wild areas located far from large cities. Usually, through mountains. According to a recent research dedicated to nature’s impact on mental health, changing the location to less urban and green areas relieves stress and calms the mind.

As we identified before, depression, anxiety, or any other kind of mental discomfort only fuel addictions. Nature reduces amounts of this “fuel” and shows you the light at the end of a tunnel. This helps you clamber out of the morass of obsessive thoughts, fears, and concerns.

How exactly does it happen? Nature connects you to something bigger, showing you the whole picture of what’s happening in the world. You realize yourself inseparable from this picture, therefore understanding the greater purpose of your living. Addictions make no sense anymore, cause this path doesn’t get you any closer to this purpose. It actually leads nowhere.


  1. Trekking Helps You Review Your Behavior From the Outside

There are two major categories of addictions: substance and behaviour-based. The first one is quite simple — you take drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol and become addicted to them. The second one is more complicated — you have a soft spot for specific behavior. They are even more threatening to a person’s well-being, because one may get addicted to daily activities.

We all use the internet, but some of us can’t live without social media and have a compulsive desire to check it every 5 minutes. We all buy clothes, but only 11% of people go shopping to improve their mood. They kind of “get high” when purchasing a new item and can’t stop wasting money on things they don’t need.

Some might say that behavioural addictions are easier to quit than substance-based because there is no influence on physical health. But it’s not that simple when organizations which profit from addictive activities find ways to hold you by their side. For example, online casinos literally give players money to feed their online gambling addiction.

Let’s imagine the potential player joined a casino, made the first deposit and played a couple of sessions. After that, he or she stopped gambling. On a particular day, the player receives a notification with a message like “We want to reward you as our loyal customer. Visit your account and claim your cash bonus.” Lead by curiosity, the player visits the website and sees that the casino offers a “reload bonus”, Receiving money, he or she continues gambling and addiction is taking root.

However, there are no casinos around you when you are on the trek. As well as no good internet connection, no shops, and no video games. You get a unique chance to review your behavior from the outside perspective and set priorities straight.


  1. Trekking Brings You Genuine Pleasure

In fact, we don’t seek an addictive substance or activity itself. We seek pleasure. But since these activities are destructive for health or simply interfere with one’s life goals, pleasure coming from them leads to suffering in the long term.

Trekking can be a great replacement for addictive activities because it gives you a “natural high”. Long walking across difficult terrains with a bunch of enthusiasts teaches you to find pleasure in everyday matters. This is the most valuable skill you acquire through trekking: to appreciate the life as it is without bells and whistles. You learn how to get genuine pleasure, so you don’t need “magic tablets” and boosters anymore.

Trekking is a Door to a New Life

This activity doesn’t release you from bad habits in no time. Trekking gradually transforms your body and mind taking you to a new life. In this dimension, triggers you got high from no longer bring you pleasure. This makes trekking an alternative method to overcome addiction: instead of fighting for freedom in a world ravaged by “war”,  you go to another world where peace prevailed. The hardest task is to take a trip.