There is no denying that a huge amount of time and resources go into developing a successful app. But in the modern day where there are millions of applications being developed, is time and money simply enough to give you the edge in the market? Definitely not. Application owners today need to have a deep understanding of the market in order for their app to be successful. Having the right demand for the app before developing it is a good starting point. After that, getting the application tested will also be crucial for success. Above all, having a profound app launch will just give you the edge over your competitors. The following are examples of app launches that really pushed mobile applications to the masses.

Use of Influencers at Instagram Launch

When Kevin Systrom was about to launch Instagram, he made sure to send the application to a number of influencers in the tech industry. He sent it to Jack Dorsey, one of Twitter founders and to TechCrunch – the online technology and startup media company. By doing this, Systrom was able to get millions of people aware about Instagram even before it was popular. When Instagram was actually launched, it gained 25,000 users within the first day. Systrom also timed the launch of his app with that of the then-new iPhone, iPhone 4. Instagram became an instant hit with iPhone 4 users who saw the app as the perfect platform to share the crispy photos that the phone could take.

The Snapchat Buzz

Snapchat also had an emphatic launch. The founders of this application started by spreading the word about it to their college friends at Stanford. By the time the app was launched, a substantial number of people already had knowledge about the app. In addition, Snapchat became an instant hit to young individuals because of its short video messaging feature. At the time of its launch, video content was blowing up in the mobile phone realm. The launch of an application that allowed teenagers to send short video messages to a group of friends was thus welcome by the market.

Mobile App Testing Before Launch

An important factor that has also contributed to very successful mobile app launches is the use of mobile app testing services. Virtually all popular applications in the market today underwent a rigorous testing process before they were launched. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other popular applications have benefited greatly from the remarkable app testing procedures that were done before the applications hit the market.

Evernote Launch and the Media Frenzy

If there was one application that received wide press coverage, it is Evernote. This application was analyzed heavily during its closed beta stage. In addition, the people who got to use also shared information about the app through word-of-mouth. By the time the application was around for a year, it already had a massive number of users. In addition, Evernote also made the point of keeping their development process ahead of others. Every new device coming out would coincide with the release of an Evernote version that was compatible with the device. The application thus became ubiquitous with all device users.

The Simplicity of the Clear App

The Clear app had an incredible strategy that saw its launch become very successful. The founders of the app realized that the “to-do list” applications on the market were very complicated even though they were only meant to do simple tasks. Clear capitalized on this and launched an app that had no buttons on the interface. The market quickly realized that such a simple app was what they had waited for all along. The app, therefore, gained huge numbers of users within the first few days of the launch and went on to be one of the most successful personal organization apps.

Camera+ and Their Massive Use of Social Media

The social media platforms can be used to generate buzz for an application during its launch. This is the power that Camera+ founders capitalized on for a successful launch. The application included a social sharing mechanism which allowed users to share a picture than they had taken with the app. Of course, no other camera app was doing this at the time. So Camera+ capitalized on this and spread the word about their app every time a user shared their pictures. Within no time, this app has a massive number of users who were taking and sharing their pictures.

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