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The future of technology is about to change.  It just won’t be the change many imagined it would back in the 1990’s when technological advances just started becoming popular. Instead, the future of technology is about to change in a rapid and exciting, yet crazy and startling, way – through virtual reality.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality has been on the rise for quite some time now, it’s just been speeding past our expectations recently. What’s odd about VR is that most of the technological aspects of the concept are not typically considered virtual reality in our eyes. For example, when we think of watching a movie in 3D at the local movie theater, we don’t configure this in our minds to be an instance of virtual reality, do we? Yet it is just that.

Additionally, there are other areas of life and technology that factor in the VR spectrum. Let’s take a moment to go over some of the subtlest examples.



Virtual reality is said to change the future of the gaming world. Instead of picking up a remote controller and looking at a screen to fight your war or to race your car, a futuristic you will be fighting your war face to face with other characters and a futuristic you will be racing your car as if you’re the one physically operating the vehicle.

The goggles that separate your virtual world from the real world will be stuck to your face, allowing you to live in your games instead of just playing them. So far, the VR games on the market right now are doing a great job at grasping everyone’s attention.


The Places You Will Go

Virtual reality has the potential to change the world concerning the places you’ll get to see. They already have the goggles out that allows you to see the sunset from the highest floor in the Eiffel Tower, what’s to stop creators of this technology from making goggles that will let you see any place you’ve ever dreamed of? Nothing is stopping them.

Soon enough you’ll be able to pick a location on Google maps and see it right in front of your own two eyes. To make this VR concept even more appealing, you won’t even have to pay for a $500 round-trip flight to a country in Europe to see the best art museums you’ve been dying to see; instead, you’ll get to take a trip through virtual reality goggles in the comfort of your own home.


The Medical Profession

Virtual reality will have the power to help medical professionals, like surgeons, become better at what they do. Instead of using decomposing bodies that were donated to science, and instead of using those plastic dummies found in most student labs, studying physicians and surgeons will have the ability to practice on VR patients; such patients will have the same sicknesses or ailments that the medical professionals are studying, therefore making them better-trained for their future in their career.

What’s more is that if a complicated surgery of some sort comes up, and already-trained surgeons are wary about the procedure, they can practice on a VR dummy to map out the best possible solution.



Virtual reality is not made entirely for hobbies, traveling, and medical aspects of life, though; you’ll be able to have your fun with it, too. For instance, VR has made pranking people much easier. Instead of searching your brain for the right prank to pull on your friends, you can download one of the many prank apps on the market today, and it’ll do all the dirty work for you.