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Among all the modern tools and technologies, linear actuators have a special place. These great mechanisms able to turn energy into linear motion deserve your attention.

Many companies worldwide strive to produce the best linear actuators for various needs. The challenge begins when it comes to the right choice of the linear actuator. Which one to buy? Which one is the best? These questions bother many people across the globe.

Things get even more complicated if you need a heavy duty linear actuator. This actuator type has to operate with high loads and meet the industrial purposes. Thus, it needs to be high-quality, extra reliable and durable.

3 Key Features of a Powerful Heavy Duty Actuator

What else should you pay attention to? There are a few must-have characteristics of a high-quality heavy duty linear actuator.

  1. Stainless Steel

It is crucial for heavy duty actuators to be made of stainless steel. You could be considering picking a cheaper tool for your small DIY project, and it wouldn’t cause any major issues. Yet, the actuators for industrial needs must meet this requirement.

  1. Maintenance-Free

Most ] modern actuators are maintenance-free. It is especially important for heavy duty actuators to have this feature as frequent maintenance may turn into regular troubles.

  1. High Accuracy

When it is about high loads and great forces, it is necessary to apply them to the defined spot or area only.

The Best Heavy Duty Linear Actuators for Your Project

The decision may be hard and time-consuming. You must analyze many aspects thoroughly to come up with the right decision. Definitely, you need competent assistance to pick a suitable tool. So, we decided to share with you our brief review on the best heavy duty linear actuators.

Heavy Duty Linear Actuator sMax Jac by Thomson

The manufacturer claims these are the most rugged actuators on the market. Thomson company is considered to be a trustworthy actuator producer as it has a great experience in the industry. The products require little or no maintenance and demonstrate great efficiency.

Key features:

  • The force may vary from 500 N to 999 N;
  • The stroke length ranges from 100 mm to 300 mm.

Heavy Duty Linear Actuators by Servocity

This series finds its application mostly in pneumatics and hydraulics. The linear thrust can perform pushing and pulling actions. These actuators can hold the position even when the power supply is off.

Key features:

  • The thrust may vary from 110 N to 800 N;
  • The stroke length ranges from 50 mm to 300 mm.

PA-17 Heavy Duty Linear Actuator by Progressive Automations

This one is useful for industrial automation, as well as for agricultural purposes. It demonstrates extra efficiency and powerful capabilities. Environmental protection features increase its reliability. The actuator is immune to dust, water and other negative environmental factors. The functionality is extended with adjustable limit switches, so the user fully controls the actuator.

Key features:

  • The actuator is able to push up to almost 9,000 N and hold up to 18,000 N;
  • The stroke is 1-24 inches.

Final Thoughts

The thorough analysis of the requirements and detailed market research are you best assistants when deciding on a heavy duty actuator. But there is one more attractive option. Contact the Progressive Automations specialists and get a competent advice on all the questions that are bothering you.