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It’s safe to say we’re travelling with more technology than ever before. But it’s also safe to say we really don’t use it to its max.

Technology can be your best friend when abroad, familiarising things in an unfamiliar land and helping you in every department from getting around to finding where to eat in the evening.

There’s no doubt that it really can enhance a holiday. But few of us are taking up all the opportunities to do so.

We take a look at some of the ways we should use technology to its fullest while abroad.


Use a VPN

We all like a lie in and to get ready at our own pace. Equally, sometimes we need a chilled out evening after a long day. However, hotel TV is almost always poor.

A sea of channels that you don’t understand and limited to only the news channel, it’s not the most entertaining of evenings.

There are ways around this though. Downloading a VPN to your smartphone, laptop or tablet will aid this by unlocking all geoblocks meaning you can catch all the same channels as you would back home.

There are dozens of free VPN packages on the market,you can try out (and later you can upgrade to premium subscription at a relatively low cost). Not only that, but they’ll also give you an added layer of security when logging onto public Wi-Fi.


Make The Most Of Your Phone

 Many of us think our phones become useless when abroad but they’re more important than ever.

Our apps can enhance our trip significantly from getting around with Apple Maps, to almost every aspect of a trip.

There are a number of great hacks when using your phone abroad, particularly in major cities.

Finding the hippest restaurants and areas via Deliveroo is always a good tactic. Deliveroo offers restaurant standard food straight to your door and is usually full of great independent restaurants.

Take a look through, find where you’d like to eat, and then correspond the address on your map. You’ll usually find Deliveroo restaurants in the cooler parts of town, so you’ll instantly have an area where there will be lots of other bars and restaurants. Perfect!

Using the Uber app is also a great way of getting around as you won’t need to try and flag a taxi down and explain where you need to go in the local lingo. You simply type in your route and away you go.

There are dozens of ways to improve a travelling experience with your phone. Ultimately using it in the same way as you do back home is useful, but little tips like this will also really help.


Don’t forget your adapters

With this comes added usage to your devices though, so don’t forget your travel adapters. Charge your devices each evening so you have a fully juiced machine every morning.

Additionally, it’s well worth investing in a portable charger to carry round with you, allowing you to power up whether you’re at the local museum or sat on the beach soaking up the sun.