Smartphones are called so because they can make you smart with these Android education apps that will help you learn new info every day.

Android for Education: Top Apps to Learn New Info Every Day

You know those moments when you`re hanging out with friends, you`re discussing some interesting, relevant, important stuff like the totalitarian regime in the former USSR or Cold War, or some super complicated artistic topics, and then you say a phrase which makes everybody`s heads turn towards you and become silent because you`ve said something super smart?

What? You don`t know those moments? No worries! After downloading one of these amazing apps, you`ll become a walking encyclopedia. We are sure it`s an absolutely awesome title.

Speaking of encyclopedias, do you remember that episode of “Friends” where Joey buys one volume of an encyclopedia collection because he wants to know what other guys talk about? Of course, you`re not like Joey! You already know so much stuff, you`re a clever person who knows how to make the right decisions in life. We can see that because you`ve already chosen this article to fill your brain with even more knowledge.

Isn`t it just amazing to realize what opportunities the Internet gives us nowadays? You can download an app that will turn you into so educated person that four years of college may be just nothing in comparison to that. If you want, you can download all volumes of a web-encyclopedia or you can address online essay writers if you have struggles with putting words into a beautifully composed text.

Don`t worry, we all have been there. In case you can`t make a choice, you can use these apps one by one or simultaneously. Just be careful, you may become the smartest kid on a block.


We`re not sure what stands behind this name, but we have our own version that deserves to be shared with you. This app has around 2000 synopses of the most popular books. You know, the ones which are often referred to as “top books that you need to read in your lifetime.”

So, how long does it take you to read a book? You`re the only one who knows this answer, so don`t be ashamed if you think that it`s not enough. We all are busy people here. Let`s say, you need a week. And with Blinklist, you`ll do it in a… blink.

Some of you may say that it`s not an efficient substitute of reading the whole book, especially if it`s a classical literary masterpiece that every respectful, intelligent person has to read. And you`ll be absolutely right! But if you have to prepare to a literature class and you don`t have time, you can just read an awesome, informative, and well-structured gist of the plot and hope that it will cover test questions. Or if you`re on the first date and you`ve lied that you`ve read a certain book (because who doesn`t lie on the first date?), you can go to the bathroom and get that blank space filled up with knowledge. Or you can even sneakily listen to an audio version of the plot, because this function is obviously available on Blinkist.


Our good old friend Reddit! How couldn`t we include this reputable endless source of global knowledge? It knows more than Sherlock Holmes, House M.D., and Doctor Who altogether. Reddit is a genius and it`s willing to share this quality with you. You can choose a specific field of study, the one you prefer, the one you secretly wanted to study at university but your parents insisted that you should become a lawyer, or the one that you failed at school but decided to give yourself a second chance.

If you want (and you`d better want that), you can sign up for everyday messages which will bring you portions of interesting unknown facts. There is a lot of information about this world which may not seem very useful. These facts definitely will not change the way you perceive the life, but they are incredibly entertaining, intriguing, and jaw-dropping. Or you can just sign up to get more serious stuff. But we`d stick to the facts like “some species of flies can`t get drunk because they have a special gene.”


Of course, it`s here! You must have heard about Ted, especially its YouTube segment TedTalks with the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading.” There were some controversial lectures there which were hugely criticized, like the one where a psychology professor claimed that power poses are a thing (it`s not true). But still, TedTalks is one-of-the-kind educational program for people of all ages. And you have an opportunity to download an app which is pretty much like YouTube channel but in a much comfortable and user-friendly version.

Watching YouTube on the subway is just inconvenient! But reading interesting stuff from Ted will set up a smart and sharp tone of the morning on your way to work or college. When you watch a Ted lecture, you may feel like a topic is so interesting and fascinating that you`d like to know more. You can find all those deep and detailed research programs that lectures are based on in the app.


Should we explain anything after you`ve seen a name of that app? Curiosity has it all: pictures, flashcards, infographics, short educational videos – they all were created for you to explore the surrounding world and satisfy your informational hunger. You can choose a specific field of science that you`re particularly interested in at the moment. If science wasn`t your favorite class at school, Curiosity is so going to change your mind!

It will be nothing like boring classes. You`ll choose which topics you`d like to learn and which you`d like to omit, without home assignments and grades. You just explore and enjoy this process so much!

Just Facts: Did You Know?

Did you know that there is such app that will send you wonderful and unbelievable (they`re all true though) facts every single day, so you`ll enjoy them while sipping on your morning coffee? These are little factoids that represent absolutely different topics. So soon you`ll become a pro in all spheres of human life. These pieces of extra interesting information are accompanied by pictures that visualize the facts and make it easier for you to remember them.

Reading them is not the only purpose. Of course, you want to show off how smart you are, and that`s why you need an app which will take care of your intelligent image.

Philosophy Quotes Every Day

Guess what, you`ll actually receive quotes from the most famous philosophers every day. Not all of them will be positive, joyful, and motivational, however. Many of them will have depressing vibe, but it`s the whole point.

You`ll have food for thought and, perhaps, it will change your world outlook. You`ll start noticing simple pleasant things and appreciate life more. Maybe, you`ll change your attitude towards people and certain situations. If you have many philosophical ideas piled up in your head, you`ll develop your own life philosophy. People mostly manage to accomplish this task when they get into their well-respected age. But with this app, you`ll figure out your inner self and your life much sooner. Think about all the mistakes that you can avoid and all well-thought-out decisions that you can make. This app is absolutely priceless!

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