According to GSMA Intelligence report, in the year 2017, the number of people connected to mobile phone services surpassed 5 billion globally. Interestingly, a significant percentage of mobile owners are using their mobile phones to search, shop, or browse the internet. Website owners need to optimize their sites for the best mobile user experience. Here are four ways you can optimize your user’s mobile experience.

Beforehand making any changes or updates to your site it is important to think about the security of the data on your site. Both mobile user and website administrator can easily download and start using VPN that protects the data from any possible cyber attacks.

What Does It Mean to Have Your Website Optimized for the Best Mobile User Experience?

For business owners, having a website that is optimized for mobile users helps improve the site’s ability to convert visitors into real customers. Ideally, a mobile-optimized site is one where mobile users can effortlessly read and navigate your site using their multi-channel gadgets. In most cases, mobile users will be engrossed in one particular activity, like downloading a user manual or searching for the best barber shop in town, and a poor mobile experience may cause them to leave your site.

Identify Your Prospect’s Cross-Device Journey and Create a Responsive Funnel

Your prospects want to accomplish a wide variety of tasks effortlessly using their mobile phones. Adapting your site to fit into your prospect’s intent will certainly result in a fulfilling and satisfactory experience for mobile users. One of the best ways to use your data to locate and understand your prospect’s micro-moments is to design purposeful content. It is important to find out how, when, and why most of your prospects interact with your website.

Hide All Unnecessary Graphics and Designs

As noted earlier, the less time your prospects spend to get to what they’re looking for, the better the mobile experience. To maintain a sleek and seamless mobile experience, you need to cut down on redundant content and expose only usable content. Hide all unnecessary visual elements to give users a sleek mobile experience. This includes social media buttons and CTAs that are irrelevant.

You’ll also need to outline what criteria you want to use for your mobile device browser. If you are on a WordPress platform, you can outline this from your administrative dashboard by going to > Appearance> Editor > add your code below the “Stylesheet (style.css)” file. If your sidebar fails to fit well on the screen, it is better to hide it as well.

Re-Examine Your Mobile Metrics

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Before the advance of the mobile age, most online marketers considered more time spent on the desktop to translate to higher conversion. However, the dawn of mobile search means otherwise; the less time a prospect spends on a site to find what he is looking for, the better the user experience. For you to satisfy your prospect’s expectations for their mobile experience, you must design your site to swiftly find what they searching for.

Personalize Your Mobile User’s Experience

According to research by Deloitte, Americans check their phones 8 billion times per day, when dining out in restaurants, shopping, watching television, and during leisure time. Ordinarily, these interactions create an intimate connection between the users and their phones. As an online marketer, you need to seize the occasion by making your prospect’s mobile experience more personal and social. To do this, alter the design of your website to increase the proportion of social CTAs you show when someone arrives on mobile. Also, use simple layouts, clear and sharp images, and easy to read text.

Why Your iPhone 7 Is the Best Tool to Check for Your Site’s Optimization

By using the iPhone 7 on T-Mobile’s network, users can now check whether a website has been optimized for mobile user experience courtesy of the advanced LTE speed and performance. Additionally, T-Mobile’s broadband internet access offers the ability to transfer and receive data from all internet endpoints with minimal errors.

As a business owner, you can take a leap for a higher click-through rate on your CTAs and emails by simply following the above mentioned tips. Furthermore, you’ll guarantee yourself more prospects landing on your site and actually buying your products or services.

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