With the availability of smartphones today, there are various applications used to spy on a cell phone. Spying on a cell phone may be considered a breach of somebody’s privacy.

However, if it is your child and you suspect that they are using the smartphone you bought for the wrong reasons, you have the right to spy on your child’s cell phone.

The activities your child may engage in using their smartphone may include

– Visiting chat rooms and giving personal information to stranger’s

– Using their phones to keep negative peer influence a secret; such as planning underage drinking parties.

– Viewing pornography using the smartphone

Recently, I noticed that my child was locking himself in his room for hours and avoiding social contact with the rest of the family. In addition, he seemed secretive about all activities including school.

In addition, he always had the phone I bought and was distant during family time. Therefore, upon talking to a work colleague, I decided to do some research on how to spy on a child’s cell phone to find out what my child was up to when not at home.

1) Why do parents monitor the child’s phone?

When you get a phone for your child, you know that you are doing so for convenience in communication with your child.

Your child is also able to use features such as maps to know their way around, search engines to do research for their homework, among other positive features.

However, as mentioned above, the internet may have information that is detrimental to your child’s normal development to adulthood.

Furthermore, your child may contact strangers online who are up to no good. Therefore, you need to consider various cell phone tracking services to help you monitor or spy on your child’s phone activities.

You will get the following information when you install a spy on a cell phone service to your child’s phone. Here is the information you get when you spy on his or her phone when using the service.

1.1 Track internet history

Once you use the service, you are able to view your child’s internet history. Your child will not know that you have full access to what he or she searches on the internet. All the data is stored in your tracking account once you sign up for the service.
1.2 Manage SMS

You can view the messages SMS or MMS that are delivered to your child’s phone when you use the spy on a cell phone App. Both incoming and outgoing messages in your child’s phone are rerouted to your spy App account.

Therefore, you get to know who your child is in communication with on a daily basis. You also get information on push or pull messages that are acquired from various online services that your child may be using.

1.3 Track calls

Cell phone tracker software will help you when it comes to spying on a child’s phone by recording and saving conversations that your child has with their phone. This provides for informed decisions on your child’s social life.

For instance, if your child has a habit of leaving the room when receiving a phone call, you may need to know whom they are talking to during the phone call.

With a log containing the recorded calls, you will have peace of mind about your child’s company outside the safety of your home.
1.4 Geo-location feature

In case you suspect that your child is lying about where they go when they are not at home, the cell phone tracker App provides for location tracking. You will know exactly where your child is at any time. The advantage is that you can call your child to confirm if they are actually at that location.

This feature is also helpful if you have a younger child who normally gets lost when trying to locate your home or school. You can get their location and pick them up at any time.

2) Installing the Spy software 

Once I had completed the research on how I could use the cell phone tracker, I decided to sign up for the spy on a cell phone service. I need to know why the smartphone I bought for my son made him so secretive and distant. These are the steps I followed to complete the process.

  • How to install the program on your child’s phone

    – First, you need to sign up to the cell phone tracker service using your email.

    – Pick a password that you can remember and click on “create a free account”.

    – Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you can activate your account using the link sent to your email

    – Log in to your account and link your child’s phone to the App.

    Once you do so, you are able to track your child’s phone location, messages, calls, web history, screenshots, and any information in the phone. I used the free snoopza App and was able to get all the information I needed from my son’s phone.

    3) How we needed the program in a difficult solution

    Spying on your child’s cell phone is not a violation of their privacy; you do so to help protect your child. In my case, I found out that my son was using various chat rooms to chat with strangers. Most of the strangers were girls who were over the age of 18 or implied that they were.

    My 14-year-old son had also lied about his age and mentioned he was an adult. Using the information I got while using the spy App, I was in a position to make an informed decision as a caring parent.

    4) Conclusion and results

    I decided to take the phone away from my son for two weeks as punishment. In addition, I sat down with my son and we unsubscribed from the chat rooms that he had signed up to immediately.

Without the spy App, my son was in danger of meeting with strangers outside the home while still being underage. Therefore, the spy on a cell phone app was very helpful in preventing this or anything worse that could happen.

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