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Messing around with audio gadgets is a fun thing for audiophiles who believe there’s nothing more important than getting the best sound quality. Whether that’s buying an audio analyzer to test their other audio equipment from a home-based lab, or finding another audio gadget that soothes their soul, having the best audio experience is worth it.

Here’s some interesting audio equipment for hardcore audiophiles and people who enjoy the better things in life.


Analyzing audio quality in other equipment is the job of audio analyzers. They can plug into other systems and examine them for audio imperfections. For audiophiles, a knock or a drop of audio equipment after a trip or fall can cause concern as to whether the equipment is functioning properly. This becomes an issue when they feel that the audio quality is off. Other times, they may purchase new audio equipment and need to perform their own tests on it from a bench-sized analyzer that wasn’t available in the store. Rather than trust that the audio equipment they bought hasn’t been damaged during transit from the manufacturer to the store, they wish to perform their own tests.

The AverLab system is one such bench-based system. It’s quiet because it doesn’t have any fans. Also, it will work with both analog and digital audio, so a pair of XLR microphones can be tested along with digital audio equipment too. So, whether just listening to audio or being a musician and wanting to verify audio quality with your musical gear, it’s all possible. There’s also software for the PC and Mac, and an ethernet connection to link a computer to the testing equipment too.

M-Audio M-Track Mk II

At the other end of the spectrum Is the M-Audio M-Track Mk II which has a simple USB-based, two-channel hardware interface. The idea of this little beauty is to add on some audio mixing for a basic two-channel system to a PC or Mac. Audio is shared via the USB connection. There are two ¼-inch input ports that will hold two XLR microphones which could be used in combination with a good software audio editor to get a better performance out of recorded audio. This is useful for podcasters and other people who work with the spoken word on a regular basis and wish to bump up their capabilities.

There’s a latency monitor to check for possible issues there. With the two inputs, it’s possible to lay down a new guitar track or riff over an existing one, add some vocals to a karaoke MP3 song, or play the keyboard too. It’s up to you.

Old School Vinyl

When you just cannot get enough of the ongoing vinyl revival movement, then you need a turntable to get the most out of your wax collection! The Brinkmann Balance Turntable is as slick as they come. Clad in black and chrome, it is full of curves and produces a delicious sound quality. The equipment has been refined over the years and has remained popular enough to win several audio awards like the Blue Moon among others. It weighs a hefty 33 kilos, so it’s unlikely to get dislodged by someone walking into the living room with heavy feet.

Whether you’re wanting to test your other audio equipment, play a vinyl track on a sweet deck, or mix your vocals or guitar riffs through your computer, there is some nifty audio equipment just right for you. Both analog and digital audio sources are catered for too, so any devoted analog fans won’t feel left out.