Running a company that relies on remote staff to function is not only a challenge, it’s scary too! There are several hurdles you will have to overcome, and the main one is communication.

How do businesses successfully engage their remote staff when they rarely (or never) get to see them face to face?

The key to this challenge is technology. Engaging remote workers is something thousands of business owners have been trying to affect. Today’s HR management apps and productivity apps are a multi-million-dollar industry.

So have you updated your business technology to accommodate your remote workers? Here’s why you should and steps you can take to engage your remote workers with mobile HR apps.

Get on the Same Page—Literally

Every employer keeps a file on their staff’s performance history. Individuals within a business are managed by their superiors, and this is often done solely by you—without much involvement from the employee in question. Within that file are all their personal details, job history and performance stats.

But what if all that information was updated on a continuous basis—automatically. Mobile HR apps have adapted to the needs of businesses by continually collecting performance data and presenting it in an easy-to-read manner.

The great thing about most of these apps is that your employees can view their own performance directly from their phones. This helps them to improve performance if it’s dropping, and question information that contradicts their perceived performance.

Because you and your employees are always on the same page, engagement becomes easy—even though you may be working miles apart.

Set Clear Objectives without Distracting Information

Tasks are actionable. Therefore communication with your remote employees should be actionable too. Avoid giving instructions together with unnecessary information. Be clear about what needs to be DONE, and leave any information that doesn’t concern the employee/s in question.

Task lists are a great way to do this. Using phone calls and messages to assign tasks can lead to confusion. Rather use these facilities to manage your tasks. For assigning tasks, use a task management app or create your own system that your entire team has access to.

This way your tasks will be neatly organized, and can be ticked off once they are complete. If your tasks have multiple facets to them (such as quoting, invoicing, revision, etc), break down each task and make sure each facet is assigned to the respective team member responsible for it.

Learn to Manage Absenteeism Better

Although most remote workers who work from home will work through illness, some will need to take time off work to recover. Too much absenteeism can hinder your business, and have a negative impact on your productivity. And when you start missing deadlines, this needs to be dealt with.

Manage your absenteeism with an HR app that record the amount of leave days taken, and the reason behind each missed work day. Employees can manage their own leave day records, which ensures zero dispute when questions are raised later.

Hold Performance Reviews Every 3 Months

Performance reviews not only benefit you they also benefit the individuals who work for you. A performance review every three months helps your employees know where they stand, and motivates them to work on their weaker areas.

Mobile HR app give you all the information you need to conduct a fair and accurate assessment of each staff member. Engaging your remote staff in this way helps keep work on track. Your can do so over a video call or phone call, but make sure it is voice-to-voice, and that the employee in question has access to the same performance information you do.

Use Document Sharing

Using a document sharing app will help you work better as a team, and provide you with a better way to relay instructions and assign tasks.

You can couple your document sharing app with mobile HR apps that are technologically up to date. This helps you to link your tasks to performance stats on your mobile HR software, and gauges how when and how fast each task is completed.

Implement Productivity Apps

Keeping your workers—and yourself—on track is somewhat of a challenge when you all work remotely. Productivity apps keep each of you accountable to each other, and measure each employee’s productivity time for the day.

Forest App is a good example of an app that motivates workers to dedicate time to their tasks. It also records productivity time, keeping you in the loop of who is working hard and going the extra mile. You can easily develop a point system and implement it into your HR software to measure individual performance.

Make Training an Ongoing Process

Engaging your employees is best done by growing and developing their careers. You should be doing this actively and you should be doing it face-to-face. There are countless mobile training apps for business managers that help keep your whole training group on track and on the same page. These apps also measure goals and objectives for each student, motivating them to push for higher achievement.

Create Incentives Based on Performance

Remember that if you’re measuring performance, it should with a mind to reward not punish. Yes, Mobile HR performance apps do highlight “problem employees”. But more importantly, they give you the opportunity to develop staff members who show potential.

Make sure you have a solid incentive program, and make sure it’s always visible to your employees. Add these incentives to your HR mobile apps and watch as your employees get motivated to perform. Your productivity will soar, and so will your profits—which is the whole point of engaging your workers in the first place. Right?

Technology is the way to do this most effectively. So explore the world of mobile HR apps that can be used by you, your employees and your managers. And don’t forget to use these apps to grow your company and improve the lives of those who work in it.

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