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If you have been a Nintendo fan, we are sure you have tried your hands on many Nintendo devices. And while

Nintendo has always been a major key player force in the gaming industry. Ever since its launch, it has taken huge risks with console development and design, and has always upgraded its flaws and with all this, has managed to stay ahead in the game. With that level of popularity among people, when it first rolled with it’s Nintendo Switch, no matter how much ever expensively people were involved into gaming, everyone knew what was coming. It had become something of a phenomenon.

Keeping that spirit in mind, gaming startup Wonder is now rolling out its relative similar device, replacing Switch system with Android.

Nintendo Switch for mobile phones

The basic idea is to reinvent the concept of gaming, by replacing handheld controllers, all by using more of the smart phone technology. The CEO of the secretive startup, Andy Kleinman, has already developed the website, lending out a hint of what the project would look like. For now, the company’s prototype is still in the development phase. It is planning upon used its own prototype using a proprietary operating system. This will be known as Wonder OS, something we are sure we can see more of if the concept does kick off.

The company looks to use the graphics processor of the phone to provide you with the best gaming experience available. This tech would also be a new wind of change for slot based gaming like the New Zealand pokies, as it’ll provide the player with a good amount of virtual reality to start with.

When Can You Get Your Hands On It?

As for now, the idea of production is on hold as it’s unclear if Wonder would produce the component itself or outsource it from someplace. Wonder wants to create a device that is a common goal for most major tech companies these days. For a device to carry out multiple jobs in multiple avenues,  it does need to have a good powerful processor.

And Wonder needs to do it without making the cost of the device shoot through the roof – nobody would want to spend as much as an iPhone X on the new device, we presume. And since these would run on Android devices, we would want them to run on as many as possible.

What Can You Expect from the Device Anyway?

Wonder is trying to get its smart phones to act as a gaming console, a phone as well as entertainment hub, all in one.

Along with the hardware, Wonder would also be providing a paid subscription service initially. Furthermore, the company claims that the product would be giving access to games which have been originally licensed and mobile optimized, to streaming games online and other media options.

Wonder plans on launching its product in 2019. Since there have failed delivery in the area of mobile gaming technology before, it’ll be a treat to watch an excellent workable technology come to life.