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The world of virtual reality is booming like never before and if you haven’t tried an HTC Vive or a PSVR headset, you are probably missing something really big!

Ready Player One is a sensational movie directed by Steven Spielberg! The movie perfectly depicts what the future could hold. In the next few decades, everyone might have an online persona in the VR world where they might spend most of their time.

These 10 amazingly good VR games to play in 2018 are going to be a glimpse of what to expect when virtual reality takes off big time. Hang on to it, put your headsets on and get ready for an immersive ride.

Skyrim VR

Your VR gaming experience is never complete until you venture into the wide world of Skyrim. The game belongs to the Elder Scrolls series and is an RPG with an impeccable storyline, characters and great atmospheric world to explore.

The best part about Skyrim VR is that it is available on all major platforms and you can choose to play it on PC using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or go with the PlayStation VR with a PlayStation 4 console to take upon bandits.

Skyrim VR Games

Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7 is heading to PSVR in 2018 and even if you are a fan of flight simulators, this is a must try title. The game may not provide a realistic virtual reality experience as it has been designed with emphasis on some exclusive features. However, you can drive super fast jet planes wearing a headset and that is probably the closest you can get to being a real pilot.

Doom VR

Both Skyrim and Doom are published by Bethesda, the company that’s showing great interest in the virtual reality space. Doom VR is another must-try title that you just can’t miss especially if you love to punch aliens, monsters in the face literally! The game has been around ever since it was invented by John Carmack in the 90s and just found its spot on a whole new platform for the next generation. Get your shotgun ready to bring down the cyber demon!

Allison Road

Are you a big fan of horror games like Outlast or Slender? If you are one, Allison Road is a worthy take on VR when the game officially gets launched. The game is excessively scary that the developers warn people to not try it if they are faint-hearted.

After all, when those scary ghouls jump right onto your face in an HTC Vive, it’s surely going to make your heart skip a bit. We warned you, don’t say otherwise!

Allison Road VR Games

Ark Park

Ark Park is available on both PC and PS4. The game was supposed to have released in 2017 but is coming out this year. Jurassic Park has just converged to become Ark Park where you can explore dinosaurs, their species and even take some of them down in a team-based shooter. The game’s got a trailer and it looks really promising.

Sprint Vector

The VR space has inspired developers to do something new with the platform and Sprint Vector is such a unique game in its own respect. The game encourages players to run at the fastest possible speed while dodging obstacles and being quick with their reflexes. Players who have tried Mirror’s Edge might find themselves on familiar turf but the speed seems accelerated inside the VR world which may cause motion sickness in some.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a great mix of fantasy and reality as the game is set in the Wild West where you could blow as many zombies’ head as you want in a brightly lit environment. While most zombie games are dark and gloomy, this one, which is available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR, give it a new touch. There are lots of amazing weapons to choose from including powerful shotguns, support rifles and snipers to take on those pesky undead creatures.

Arizona Sunshine VR Games

Bebylon Battle Royale

The Bebylon Battle Royale brings the best of everything as the game puts uniquely dressed infants in Mario Karts, fighting against each other with powerful weapons. The gorgeously colorful world looks amazing inside virtual reality and the game is expected to get launched before the end of 2018.

Bravo Team

An exclusive title on PSVR, Bravo Team pits two players in a co-op campaign against a slew of oncoming enemies. The game focuses on strategy as simply running around and shooting with the gun could get you killed instantly, considering the large number of enemies on screen. Instead, it expects you to focus on working with your partner, taking cover and shooting them all one bullet at a time.

Robinson: The Journey

The title exactly describes what Crytek, the makers behind Crysis set out to create and they have done it in a breathtakingly good style. Robinson: The Journey is a narrative set in a beautiful world where exploration matters the most. The game is available on PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you love to take a leisurely stroll, this should be the one.