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Nikola Tesla, the unsung hero, envisioned the world of wireless communication and wireless electricity more than 100 years ago when it was still considered witchcraft.

When Tesla originally proposed these ideas, he was considered more of a mad man but for the citizens of the 21st century, this idea is now more possible than ever. Scientists have realized that trying to transmit electricity over miles of land or ocean is not the way to go. Rather, if they focus on a particular region such as a house, it’s much easier to bring the idea to life.

The experiments surprised people when they spotted a light bulb that worked without any wires. The idea is to make life easier for you as your iPhone or Android phone will automatically begin charging when you enter the home. Similarly, electric cars will be able to charge as soon as they are parked in the garage using sensors mounted on the floor.

iPhone wireless Electricity

WiTricity is a Startup Working on Wireless Electricity

While big companies like Google, Apple and Tesla are working on tertiary projects related to electricity, startups are more interested in innovation than ever. WiTricity is one such startup which is working on creating wireless electricity by using resonance technology. The team behind the idea clarified that they are not going to add current to the air but rather emit a magnetic field.

They have built a “Sonic Resonator”and it is connected to an electrical wire. When another coil is brought close to it, it creates an electric charge in the particular area. A human passing through the area will not have any electrification issues as there will be no coil or metal surface to trigger an electric charge. Electronic devices, however, will charge every time they enter the magnetic field.


Wireless Electricity is Similar to Wi-Fi

Dr. Hall, who is working on making wireless electricity a reality, assured that the type of waves used is perfectly safe and they are very similar to the ones used by Wi-Fi routers. They are working on future homes where wire-free energy will be as common as Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

According to the research team, the WiTricity home of the future will be self-sufficient and bring about a bring change in the social ecosystem. Governments may no longer have to setup cables for miles as the majority of the current can be transferred using routers. The home will be one connected place where your televisions will run without any cables, electric cars will never have to visit the gas station and smartphones will always be in full charge, no draining out!

Wireless Electricity

The Real Hurdles that Lie Ahead

While scientists have already managed to make wireless electricity possible in specific areas, the real problem lies in transmitting powerful signals to wide areas. The distance between transmitters will obviously affect the strength of the current being passed through but it can be streamlined with the help of multiple connectivity points.

A wide range of top brands is working on WiTricity including brands like Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and Dialog Semiconductor. With the massive increase in the number of gadgets we use on a daily basis, there is a huge issue in the real world where we just have to carry too many chargers and compatible adapters at once. If electricity could be passed wirelessly, there is no need to have too many devices plugged into multiple ports.

The world of technology has already adopted AI speakers, Internet of Things, Smart homes and smartphones. Now, it’s the time to help people charge these gadgets wirelessly to provide a seamless experience and it might just become a reality in the next few years if companies would fund startups to further research the idea.