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For years, the rumor mills have continued to claim that Apple is indeed interested in building a gaming console to enter the competitive arena.

When Sony stepped in with PlayStation, it was dominated by Nintendo and Atari.

Microsoft made the plunge with Xbox when Sony was selling their PS2 consoles. Apple might have to make the big leap as they did in the world of smartphones in 2007. The iPhone and iPad changed the world forever, so why not change the gaming industry too?

A Console to Compete with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Apple has always been at the forefront in technology by offering the best and if they decide to make a console, it should obviously be on par (if not better) with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in terms of hardware power. After all, 4K televisions have become extremely common and more affordable than ever.

A new gaming console should support UHD resolutions so as to grab the attention of the gaming crowd. Convincing developers to make high-quality AAA titles shouldn’t be a big deal for Apple when they fund their projects and want only the best games on their platform. While there is hardly any news with regards to such a console, if it ever shapes up, it should be future proof rather than going backward in terms of user experience.

Apple igame

Apple iPlay or iGame – What’s to Name it?

Players may not care much about the name of a gaming console as long it gets the job done. We have Apple iTunes, Apple Music, iPod, iPhone and iPad, so why not go with iPlay? That sounds perfectly right with their naming tradition and should be a console that players could easily associate themselves with.

Apple can even choose to release two different versions of the console as iPlay and iPlay 4K or iGame if that sounds like a better choice to their marketing team. Getting the right games, publishers and developers onboard could be the next big challenge. The major consoles of this generation use an X64 architecture and if Apple’s gaming console uses the same platform, it should be easier to port multi-platform titles like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed on this rumored platform.

A Wide Array of Games Expected

The company has access to some of the best developers on the App Store. They have already made immersive iOS games for the iPad and iOS devices. The developer loyalty could instantly help Apple bring some great indies or AAA titles on their new console. Big companies like Activision, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft wouldn’t think twice before accepting to work with the Cupertino giant. They obviously have the marketing budget to get these titles to the right audience.

Making a game console a success also lies on exclusive titles and Apple can either buy studios to work for them or nurture new talent to come up with creative games. Microsoft did it with 343 industries and the Halo games while Sony bets high on the people at Naughty Dog to help them sell their consoles.

Apple’s Virtual Reality Console Sounds More Plausible Than Ever

Apple, going by the industry trend, may choose to completely skip the traditional console area and make their debut with a powerful virtual reality headset instead. After all, they already have a huge ecosystem of Macs, iPhones and iPads. A virtual reality gaming device sounds more plausible in 2019 or later when the entertainment industry is moving towards an immersive experience.

HTC Vive pro

The company has to spend a lot of time, efforts and money in R&D to make VR games accessible to the masses. The pricing of the proposed VR gaming console which potentially could be named as the iReality or something similar could be way above Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Apple has a fanbase that wouldn’t hesitate to jump on the VR bandwagon if they bring such a device and technology enthusiasts wouldn’t hesitate to adopt it either.

After all, Apple was the first to revolutionize the music industry for good with their iPod and later the smartphones with iPhone. While Steve Jobs is no longer at the helm of the ship, Apple could still bring about a massive change in the world of gaming, especially if they choose virtual reality as their platform of choice.

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