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Every year, the top gaming companies of the world come together in Los Angeles to showcase their best work. Gamers always look forward to it every summer and this time, it’s no different as Microsoft and Sony’s big consoles are fast approaching the end of their life-cycle.

The console wars have reached a peak in 2018 as Sony brought out its big gun, God of War and Microsoft is struggling in compelling first party titles. The E3 2018 is an important event for Xbox One and the Xbox One X as the team has to convince players with some great AAA titles and exclusives and hook the gaming crowd about their prowess.

Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2018 Briefing – The Most Exciting Things to Look Forward to

Microsoft has officially rolled out the E3 2018 invite to the press. The briefing begins on June 10th at 1 p.m. PDT and is going to be an important moment for gamers and developers alike. The event will showcase trailers of announced titles, more gameplay videos and will also have unannounced titles being revealed for 2018 launch. Crackdown 3 will obviously find its way but unless Microsoft reveals some surprising exclusives, they may not have much to impress the crowd.

The company has confirmed that they will bring Inside Xbox show to E3 2018 which will be streamed live on the official website, Mixer app on Xbox consoles and on YouTube. The big Microsoft Xbox conference is expected to be focused strongly on game titles, more Xbox One X enhanced titles and probably some discussion on VR friendly games.

Sony E3 2018

Sony’s E3 2018 – The Strongest Player of the Season

Sony has been going on a very strong run for the past few years and they are the stronger player at E3 2018. The E3 2017 event was simply amazing for players and as God of War is already out, the company is expected to talk more about their upcoming IPs. The problem is that they have already revealed everything to surprise their audience and it is next to impossible to keep them wowing for more.

During the E3 2018 presentation which could reportedly take place on June 11 after Microsoft’s announcement, PlayStation 4 exclusives like the Last of Us 2, Spiderman and Death Stranding are expected to take the center stage. PS VR will receive more love as it helps the PlayStation 4 differentiate itself from the Xbox One console. A speculative title is Bloodborne 2 and there may be a couple of non-exclusive AAA titles like Red Dead 2 and Devil May Cry 5 having blockbuster trailers during the Sony conference.

Nintendo E3 2018

Nintendo E3 2018 Expectations – More Games for the Runaway Hit Switch Console

Nintendo Switch is the console of the generation which has once again impressed everyone and sold millions within its first year. Nintendo should be hugely delighted to attend E3 2018 event and is expected to announce some great exclusive titles for the handheld platform. While they imagined a hybrid device that works on your television and on the go, Switch impressed everyone by being the most comprehensive handheld you could buy, a position left open after Sony’s PS Vita failure.

Some of the games expected to be revealed during the Nintendo E3 2018 reveal include Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4, Smash, Animal Crossing and Mario Maker. A new rumor claims Pokemon could launch on Switch as early as November and the announcement will be made at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Gamers are equally excited about amazing third-party titles to make their way to the Nintendo Switch. Skyrim, Rocket League and Doom are already available but a wild guess would be a GTA 5 port for Switch along with some indies.

You can be a great fan of Microsoft’s Xbox One with its amazing overall experience, Sony’s AAA exclusives or Nintendo Switch for its simple gaming experience. E3 2018 is going to be a great time for every gamer out there as each company has something great to share to make sure they sustain their position in the highly competitive gaming industry.

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