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Long gone are the days when Las Vegas used to be the haven for gambling as the internet has changed the way people gamble.

With the advent of smartphones and fast internet speeds, you can actually bet in real time, play with real people and talk to a dealer who will respond to you immediately to open a new table or add more friends to the team.

Whether you admit or not, virtual reality is going to be a huge platform for two major things in the future. It’s not movies! It’s not just video games but there are things that are far more addictive than these two. Psychologists and human behavioral analysts predict that VR will have its largest potential in the next five years in porn and gambling.

The revelation might sound shocking to some but the reason why these two could become the largest categories are nearly similar. Offering a life-like experience with real people online, 3D visuals and immersive experience will ensure people would never want to go back to their real life.

VR Gambling

Gambling in VR – What’s Happening Right Now?

Gambling in virtual reality is still in its early stages even though the market is flooded with powerful VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro. The devices are expensive but people do have cheaper alternatives like Google Daydream that may not be as realistic or powerful as the HTC Vive Pro.

Online casinos are extremely popular on smartphones, tablets and computers. The ability to carry your slots machine anywhere has made it more accessible to the common people and there are VR friendly casinos that you could visit right now.

SlotsMillion is a popular virtual reality casino which is located on the 80th floor of a skyscraper and you can not only walk through the tables but can also peek through the window to see a futuristic city outside. The posh location combined with 3D renders of people makes it look as realistic as it could get. VR Poker, as the name suggests, lets you make bets in a virtual world and Casino VR is on similar lines.

In Casino VR, you can actually watch other people move around, make human gestures as they bet and play while browsing through all the games available. The difference between gambling on a mobile phone and a VR headset is huge as you will actually take part in the event.

VR Casino

The Future of Gambling

The future of gambling is extremely potent and unless you have self-control you might probably end up spending hundreds of dollars on betting as you would do in real life in Vegas. Game development is expected to play an integral role as the developers will help betting companies develop realistic 3D models of people and soon you will be able to scan your face so that it could be rendered in the virtual world.

When games like L.A. Noire could capture human expressions so vividly, it’s not difficult to implement the same in virtual reality. All you need is a camera to capture your expressions as you play and people in front of you inside the virtual casino will be able to see it all, making the game extremely addictive and tough to come out of even after playing for a good few hours.

Mixing Gaming with Gambling

Introducing gambling into VR lets websites choose to mix actual gaming experience with your slots game. You can play a superhero slots game and can choose to defeat a boss to win coin bonus. Poker games can be exquisite as once you finish it, the game could allow you to live in a posh hotel before coming back for another game. A racing slots game can integrate car racing in VR as a bonus round and the list just goes on.

Black Jack VR

Making Gambling a Social Venture

The world of virtual reality has the power to make gambling a social venture where you can make friends, talk to people or even find a woman to go out with, virtually! It could finally take the fear out of introverts who are too scared to walk into a real casino for the fear of interacting with so many people. Those who are used to spending lots of hours at home due to work or their personal attitude can finally interact with a social group while playing their favorite game of slots or Black Jack.

With improving technology and graphics, it may not be long before virtual reality takes over gambling as one of its primary entertainment sources and within years, you should be able to experience gambling at its best wearing one of your favorite VR headsets.