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In the gaming community, the Witcher 3 is a cult classic hit on every major platform and if you consider yourself a true gamer, you probably would have played it at least once.

A breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere filled with memorable characters and a gripping storyline ensured players wanted more of it. The Witcher 4 rumors began floating and CD Projekt Red had a straight answer for every one looking forward to it.

In multiple interviews, the core team behind CD Projekt Red confirmed that after investing a substantial amount of their lives to create this vast universe, they are definitely not going to abandon it anytime. “It means a lot to us and we will come back to it,” promised Marcin Iwinski, who is the co-founder of the company behind the Witcher series.

The Witcher 4 CD Projekt Red

When will the Witcher 4 get released?

Creating such an amazing world filled with compelling characters takes years to achieve. The developers are currently working on their new sci-fi adventure, Cyberpunk 2077, and the game doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet.

Going by the way the team is busy working on newer titles now, you should probably not expect another Witcher game at least until 2020. The team is working hard to make Cyberpunk 2077 and they want to ensure that they don’t lose attention by trying to focus on multiple games at a time.

In his interview, Iwinski confirmed that they had a story to tell and they did it in a massively well-done trilogy. The Witcher 4 will have a fresh start with Geralt and maybe a new protagonist but the series deserves some rest for now, he was quoted saying.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 4 Storyline, Rumors Claim Geralt’s Successor

The young witcher Geralt has come a long way since the first game and will get much older by the time a new title is launched. Most rumors point to Ciri, Geralt’s adopted daughter to take the story forward. If you are good at making decisions, she should probably be an empress at Nilfgaard or a trainee witcher, on her way to continue the legacy of her father.

The storyline of Witcher is pretty extensive and CD Projekt Red will have no difficulty in continuing the story in any way they presume to be a worthy return to the series. The wildest guess that fans made claim it could be set way back in the past, about 1500 years ago, when the Spheres Cataclysm was formed that led to the dark entities from netherworld entering the human world. Geralt may not be in the story arc at all and introducing a new character with lots of shades to it could get players excited, especially if the Witcher 4 gets released in 2020 as rumored.

The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 is Confirmed but Release Date is Far Away

“We had a great, long ride with Geralt and the exciting universe. He might make a cameo in the Witcher 4 and we have planned a grand finale but it is to be decided how we can pull this off,” admitted John Mamais, executive producer at CD Projekt Red.

The original Witcher 3 had over 40 different endings and there are some complications in bringing every character back to the new game. The company is completely dedicated to the success of CyberPunk 2077 and it won’t be surprising if they push the release date of the Witcher 4 Nilfgaard Boogaloo to 2021 to make sure it lives up to the hype generated by the Witcher trilogy.

Gamers won’t mind waiting so long because the series has always delivered and if it could do so again by paving way for a new trilogy(!), why not?