The most expensive and an exquisitely designed premium device from the manufacturer, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, is definitely coming to stores soon.

The company has stirred interest by requesting users to expect substantial changes. Before its official launch, we bring you everything you need to know about the Surface Pro 5 including rumored release date, pricing and features.

The Surface Pro in Market Right Now

Most buyers expected Microsoft to come up with a new model in 2017 but the company skipped and launched a Surface Pro with minor improvements. It was not the upgrade everyone expected and thankfully the company didn’t use the number ‘5’ to denote it.

Expected Release Date

Be it Apple or Microsoft, the companies consider launching a new product only when there are significant upgrades to be made. Apple has kept the MacBook Air with a non-retina display for years but you should be glad that Microsoft doesn’t believe in such long gaps.

Instead of guessing too hard, it’s easier to make an informed guess based on the dates the previous models were launched. The Surface Pro 3 was launched in June 2014 while Surface Pro 4 was launched the next year in October 2015.

The manufacturer launched a slightly revamped version in December 2017. Going by this trend, there is no need to come up with a new launch. Microsoft’s Panos Panay clarified last year that there may never be a Surface Pro 5 until the industry really demands a significant upgrade. If you really want a date, a possible launch date would be in the month of May in 2019.

Innovative New Features? Some, Maybe!

Innovation is a tough call in 2018 where buyers are saturated to the brim with smartphones and tablets. If we start talking about innovative new Intel processors, SSDs and touchscreens, you might lose your cool and get outrageously annoyed because these are incremental upgrades that happen every year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 stylish touch Sensitive

Touch Sensitive Surface Pen

The new hybrid laptop is expected to come bundled with a Surface pen with a scroll wheel. Recently, Microsoft filed a patent for a pen with a touch-sensitive tip and it’s none other than the Surface Pen. The improvement could be a welcome addition for artists, professional designers and people who use it to draw complex business presentations.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 stylish pen

Improved Bundled Items

With a premium price for the device, buyers expect the company to bundle some key accessories rather than selling them individually. The Surface Pro 5 may include the Surface Dial which usually sells for $99 bundled in the box along with the new stylus pen.

Rumored Specifications of the Surface Pro 5

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to have,

  • 4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2560 pixels
  • Intel Cannon Lake processor
  • Rechargeable Stylus
  • Keyboard cover with Better Fingerprint sensor
  • USB C and additional bundled accessories

Pricing of the Model

The Surface Pro 4 is a pretty expensive device and continues to be with every new iteration. The upcoming Surface Pro 5 will be no different yet the company might bring an entry-level variant priced at $799. The catch here is that you should be willing to spend a lot more on buying accessories including the keyboard and the new stylus.

The top of the line Pro 5 could go as high as $1299 and will be powered by the latest Intel processor, combined with all the accessories you need to make the most out of your Surface experience. With still a full year to go until the rumored release date, it’s going to be a long wait to know more about its confirmed specifications, designs and new features.

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