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Magic Leap has been synonymous with delays ever since the idea was originally proposed way back in 2014 but not anymore!

Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass were super exciting but MagicLeap aims to dream way bigger which is impressive in its own respect. It could also be the reason for the delay as the development team wanted to make AR an everyday affair and the product is set for launch in 2018.

For starters, Magic Leap is not a virtual reality headset but is an augmented reality gadget which superimposes objects and a user interface on the real world. When you use it, you will be able to watch television, look at people around you but still see and browse through your e-mail, play games or watch multiple channels on YouTube in a virtually projected environment.

Magic Leap Mixed Reality Glass – How Does it Look?

After making VR and AR enthusiasts wait for years, the company has officially unveiled how their glasses would look like. In 2018, developers and technology enthusiasts will get the first taste of ambitious AR experience with Magic Leap One: Creator Edition. After all, they are the ones who might actually invest rather than the mass market and it gives the team a chance to tweak their product before it reaches consumers.

Magic Leap

Based on an interview in the Rolling Stone, it is known that the glasses will be available in two different sizes to suit different face types. In a similar fashion to HTC Vive Focus VR headset, the glass will have four built-in microphones to detect sound input and will feature six external cameras to track the position of the user as they move. The headset will project an image that is as large as a VHS tape held in front of you with your arms fully extended and that should be more than enough to offer immersive AR, claim the developers.

The minimal viewing space should make it easier to see the projected images and also keep an eye on what’s happening in your environment. The company offers customization to adjust the head pad, ear pad for maximum comfort and you can even get prescription lenses if required. The headset comes bundled with a 6 Degrees of Freedom touch controller and the glasses are attached to a small computer called Lightpack. You can conveniently keep it clipped to your cloth and walk around.

Magicleap Lightpack

Magic Leap Features, Apps, Games and Everything Else

The creative team wants to help you get rid of the multiple gadgets you use on a daily basis. Ranging from smartphones to tablets and remote controls, everything can be consolidated into a single pair of stylish looking glasses. You can actually control your smart home equipment by simply blinking, use your voice or receive notifications from any IoT gadget in the household to respond accordingly.

While spatial audio, multiple cameras are going to give the most immersive mixed reality experience possible, the team behind Magic Leap is still in a conundrum. The marketing people are unsure as to how to promote the product because most buyers are unclear how VR is different from AR. Your perspective will change when you use those glasses because, in association with Lucas Films, an app projects R2D2, C3PO standing right next to you as you walk to make your dinner. The glasses are capable of doing lot more than what the developers could explain and some amazing apps, games could do justice to this new technology.

Another game demo developed by Weta Workshop, the company behind The Lord of the Rings franchise, projected robotic aliens into your office and demands you to destroy them all using laser guns. While it’s not advisable to play such games at work, it’s still fun and could considerably reduce the time you spend looking into your smartphone or a computer screen.

Magic Leap Expected Release Date

While Magic Leap team is still sorting out internal issues and haven’t specified an actual release date, they did confirm that the Creator Edition will launch in early 2018. We can expect the launch to take place in the first half of the year and the Creator Portal with all the essential tools will be available on launch allowing developers to get onboard, to create interesting apps and games that appeal to the mass crowd.

The big difference between VR and AR is that mixed reality headsets like Magic Leap aim to help you socialize while giving you the productive apps and engaging games you like to explore. Will it kick off and change the world as we know it in 2018? It just might!

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