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YouTube is one of the best ways to express whatever you are passionate about and share it with an audience.  You can create content on anything from technology to art, fashion, makeup, video games, or even your old baseball card collection.  Nothing is off limits and everyone is open to what you have to say.  The secret, however, to conquering this platform and growing an audience that is interested in what you have to say, is mastering how you share those ideas.   There are three things that I want to discuss that if you master, you will be able to become a key YouTube influencer and potentially even be able to turn it into a lucrative job too!

The first is passion.  This is the easiest thing to master.  Most people already have something they love or some topic that they enjoy talking about.  This should be what you create your content around.  If you love sharing stories of what happened throughout your day, maybe your best outlet is as a vlogger.  Or if you always make friends laugh you should possibly consider being a comedic entertainer on YouTube.  Or potentially even both!  YouTube’s freedom allows creators the flexibility to mix and match and find their niche on the platform.   Even if you don’t have a particular passion,  then just create a channel that revolves around YOU and just share whatever stories or thoughts you might want to talk about that day. The possibilities are truly endless which is why mastering the passion aspect of being a YouTuber is easy.  Because if you can create content on what makes your happy and what you enjoy, then you are tremendously more likely to be successful at doing it.

The second aspect of being a big YouTuber, however, is probably the hardest part to figure out, and that is figuring out your true purpose. Most people get this confused with their passion, or worse, do YouTube for more narcissistic reasons like money or fame.  It is important that you understand the why of your videos.  There has to be some reason as, for example a tech YouTuber, that you want to create full fledge videos tech rather than simply “you have a passion for it”.  Otherwise you will “dry up” and run out of inspiration before you’ve reached any level of major success.  However, if you have true meaning behind what you do, whether thats to share your story with an endearing audience or to spread your knowledge with others who share the same interest, then it becomes a lot more personal and success becomes a lot more palpable.

The last aspect of being a good YouTuber is the least important but the most practical out of all my previous advice, and that is mastering the gear.  While it is 100% practical to start a YouTube channel and even become successful with nothing more than your phone, having good gear can help you tell a better story or share a thought or idea with your audience in a more meaningful way.  The secret to mastering this aspect of YouTube is to know exactly what you need and get nothing more.  Excessive amounts of gear slow down the creation process and add too many variables to what you shoot.  More complicated gear can also be difficult, intimidating and hinder the creative process.  So in order to keep you on track when determining what gear your need and how to use it, I’m going to give you a list pointers.

  1. Choose a camera that will best help you share your story, not the one that has the best quality.  While sometimes the best quality camera is the one that will help you best tell your story, this is not always the case.  Most smartphones now are more than capable of recording excellent video. And often enough, this is more than enough for your to get your story, message, or ideas across to your audience.  Only invest in more capable camera gear if you absolutely deem it necessary to spread your thoughts.  If you do deem it necessary, figure out which features are most important to you and look for a camera that has that.  Whether its 4K recording, a flip out screen, good audio quality, fast autofocus, or a small body, there is always a camera out there that has some combination of your needed features that is right for you.
  2. Audio is just as important as video.  Many people who start YouTube get a fancy camera and no microphone, which totally defeats the purpose of a good camera.  If the audio is hard for the watcher to listen to, then they wont want to continue to watch your content.  This doesn’t mean, however, go out and invest in a fancy microphone. It does, however, mean you should take more care to improving your videos sound. For example, if you can, try to record in quite echo free environments and if you are recording with your iPhone, maybe plug in the headphones that came with your phone and hang them out your shirt to get a microphone closer to your mouth.  There are plenty of free ways to improve audio quality that doesn’t require spending more money.
  3. Care about your footage.  Taking the time to make sure the footage you capture looks good can dramatically improve the final quality of your work, no matter what camera it’s filmed on.  Just making sure there is plenty of light and the shot is stable, whether that means buying a tripod and lights or, what I would recommend, propping your phone up against something and filming near a window can dramatically enhance your final project.
  4. Finally, don’t over invest into equipment.  The audience only cares about “what” you shoot not “how” you shoot it.  Gear should not be the first thought on your mind as a creator UNLESS it is solely to establish new and more creative ways for you to share what you are passionate about with your audience.  Start with the bare minimum and work your way up from there.

If and only when you master these three categories I’ve laid out for your here in this article, becoming a top YouTuber will go from impossible to inevitable.