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AI has continued to draw a lot of attention, with doomsayers predicting that it could spell an end to jobs and even create wars.

The race is less about men and machines and more about the tech giants, namely Google and Amazon, who are competing hard and trying to win the AI race.

Google, Amazon as well as other tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook have entered the feverish race making huge investments in AI, as it is now being used in all technical applications, right from online ads to the latest self driving cars.

self driving car AI Race

Google and Amazon are now in the midst of an epic battle offering virtual assistants that can be used in many home devices, such as controlling the heating in your home, playing music, helping with online shopping and much more.

Taking the Lead Early in the Game

It is important for both these companies to take the lead in this race early on, as customers easily get locked into a single ecosystem and are not likely to change their loyalties at a later stage. For instance, if your Google Assistant powered appliance breaks down, you’re not likely to go in for an Alexa powered replacement. Consumers are more likely to be tied to one single brand as there is seamless integration of AI across their devices.

Both the tech giants have integrated their virtual AI assistants into several appliances, such as fridges, alarm clocks and just about anything else used in homes. Google seems to have gone one step ahead with the announcement of the Google Assistant SDK. This will make it possible for Google to accelerate the pace of integrating its AI assistant into innumerable products and devices.

Google Assistant SDK AI Race

On the other hand, Amazon also seems to be stepping up the pace, challenging Google. Towards the end of 2017, Amazon had announced several path breaking AI features to be used in its Web Services (AWS). This will help customers in developing their AI algorithms and enhance machine-learning capabilities. The new features can help companies analyze customer calls and understand customer sentiments more effectively. Startups will also find it easier and less expensive to use AI technology with these new offerings from Amazon.

Amazon has got a head start as far as the cloud is concerned and the company is focused on AI and machine learning. Today, there are several products compatible with Alexa, which started way back in 2014, whereas Google released its virtual assistant only 2 years later.

Google has been using AI in over 2500 projects and saving millions of dollars every year. Google Brain and DeepMind are the two biggest AI projects being used. Google Home and Google Assistant is the competitor to Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo AI Race

Right now, it’s still too early in the game to predict accurately whether Google or Amazon will win the AI race. However, Google seems to have a more fundamental approach, which could be more far reaching and revolutionary in the future.

Google is clearly the leader in AI today, but Amazon is also not to be scoffed at. Google might have an edge today in AI dominance, but that doesn’t mean that Amazon cannot crush it in the near future. Google might have won the match, but not the game, as yet.