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Does Elon Musk really hate Jeff Bezos, the closest competitor and billionaire rival who also happens to own a space company of his own?

Imagine this! When your rival is doing something bigger, you will obviously want to do better and that’s what leads to innovation. A rival bromance existed between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the two men who changed the world; arch business rivals yet shared a mutual respect. Calling Musk and Bezos as the modern version of these two is not an overkill!

From the frequent exchange of Tweets and their emojis, it’s evident that the world’s biggest rivals do share a healthy relationship but they can hardly call themselves friends because Space X and Blue Origin are competitors in the field of science.

A lot of things are common between the two right from creating their fortune from a completely different firm to imagining a future for humans in space but Musk easily wins the rocket measuring contest because his Falcon models are much bigger, no doubts! That’s the only area (thankfully!) Musk wins because Bezos is a behemoth in the business world, an older, wiser businessman who has solid experience in every industry he is a part of.

The general public admires Jeff Bezos for many reasons, and the admiration grew leaps and bounds recently when he tweeted Elon Musk wishing him success for the launch of his Falcon Heavy rocket. The entrepreneur didn’t hesitate to heartily wish him for a successful flight and the takeoff was definitely a milestone in the world of space research. Elon Musk kind of spoiled the party by replying with a one-word thank you but thankfully followed with a kissing emoji to re-assure he’s not angry or disappointed.

Musk can definitely never hate Bezos because he has so many great things to learn from the older, wiser business rival who has witnessed some phenomenal success in every industry of his choice. Right from a successful marriage life to retaining the right kind of employees at Amazon and expanding to physical stores, Jeff is a role model in many ways and it’s up to the Tesla guy to take a note or two from his competitor’s business choices.

People who follow Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for sometime on Twitter can easily conclude that they are hardly friends of any sort, with heated exchanges that set the platform ablaze from time to time. They were nearly hostile to each other at times but have never crossed the line. The younger entrepreneur is making better progression with his Space X as Falcon 9 has already started delivering payloads. Blue Origin is far behind with the New Glenn orbital rocket that’s still under development.

Falcon 9 Elon Musk Hate Jeff Bezos

When both want to setup a colony in Mars where humans could live and work, obviously the ambitious idea and who gets there first is going to thrust (unintended space pun!) these billionaire entrepreneurs towards great success albeit brewing rivalry at the same time. According to history, when titans compete, it guides the human race towards phenomenal achievements.