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How many times have you watched Star Wars and wondered if you could actually move objects with your mind?

After all, every last Hollywood movie is about superpowers and futuristic sci-fi stories where humans no longer use their hands, right?

The future is here as there are tons of gadgets already in development. What if we say you can actually send messages, make phone calls and even control your television by using your brain? Get ready for a crazy and futuristic ride into the world of gadgets designed to be controlled by a brain.

MUSE 10 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Brain


Technology is going too fast and MUSE wants you to take a break from the chaotic world. The headband is still in its early stage but will help relax your mind and let you focus on important tasks. This is one gadget the digital population really needs.


Instead of relying on Google to launch their driverless cars, this project allows you to control your car with mere thoughts! How cool is that? Emotiv EEG headset is mandatory as it connects you to the car. Experience true telekinesis powers! (or something close to that).


Adults don’t get all the fun because there’s something for the kids too! The MindWave headset is a geeky looking gadget designed to help young kids focus hard and transform into Gen X Super humans. This gadget has dedicated apps on iPad to help children learn and play, all with their brain.

DARPA’s Prosthetic Robotic Arm

Gadgets controlled by the brain are a boon for physically handicapped people and DARPA’s prosthetic arm strongly taps into the sector. Connect it and watch it magically respond to people’s thoughts, making them mobile again and giving them the freedom of living life as they would have dreamed of.

10 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Brain DARPA’s Prosthetic Robotic Arm

Necomimi and Shippo

Life is not all about serious gadgets and prosthetics. Necomimi and Shippo brighten the mood as they add a pair of furry ears or a tail to respond to your mental commands. The $99 gadget does read through your brain and you can wave your tail like a cute puppy. Maybe this is meant only for sweet girls and not men.

Emotiv EPOC+

Using the keyboard and mouse to control your computer is so old school. It’s time to change the game with Emotiv EPOC+ with which you don’t just get to control your mouse but also a character’s movement in your favorite game.

Emotiv EPOC+ 10 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Brain

Neuro Turntable Mobile

Imagine you are reading a book but would like to listen to some groovy music in the background. If you feel too lazy to switch on your iPhone, you can try the Neuro Turntable that connects you to your phone! Pick your favorite song, move your hip and take a break, all without moving a finger.

Mindflex Game

Not all games have accessories like this but Mindflex includes a headset that reads your brainwaves and lets you control objects without touching them. Just try moving the ball up, will you?


Just imagine yourself as Professor X from X-Men! You should wear this headset to control all supported devices with the help of your brain. This can run for 12 hours straight before requiring a recharge. The ultimate aim is to integrate it with smartphones and computers.

Orbit Helicopter

For those of you who have seen movies like Minority Report and Star Wars, this Orbit Helicopter should be right at home. The $149 device can let you control its flight, move objects and take aerial photographs. It’s time to show off your force powers.