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A few decades ago, the concept of Virtual Reality being so accessible was a matter of fantasy only seen in science fiction movies.

Fast forward to today and we have an abundance of various products offering this amazing technology. With the help of VR headsets, we are able to immerse ourselves in a digital reality that mimics real life interactions and experiences. However due to the same reason, some users experience motion sickness while using this technology. The mind is sometimes unable to separate reality from constructed alternate reality. This results in people experiencing the same emotions or experiences as they would in similar real life situations. So how can we avoid such impairments to our VR experiences? There are a few ways to do that.

How to Control Feeling Sick with VR Seated VR experiences

Crawling before walking methodology

If you are new to this technology, it’s important that you slowly get used to this alternate experience rather than going all in. If you feel stressed or nauseous, limit your play sessions initially and gradually increase them as you feel more comfortable. As you get used to this new experience, you will be able to handle it much better and easier than before.

Seated VR experiences

The next important thing to remember is that you should always start with seated VR experiences before trying the standing one. If you are firmly rooted in a chair or a sofa, there are fewer chances of you hurting yourself. Immersing yourself in a digital world may overwhelm your brain at first. The same experiences might cause you to react and move your body in the real world unaware of the physical objects next to you. Being in a seated position will not only calm your mind but also help prevent external injuries while reacting to the digital experience.

Be comfortable

Always be comfortable when experiencing Virtual Reality. Most VR app and game developers provide different settings in their products that would enable you to pick and choose the range of your digital experience. These settings, known as “Comfort Settings”, help you get more comfortable as they allow you to modify your field of view and even add visual anchors to remind you that it is constructed reality. As you get more used to this technology, you can start enjoying the full range of experiences provided by VR.

Have company when using VR

Another great way to safely experience VR is to have a friend or family member stand next to you and talk to you while you are using the VR headset. It acts like a placebo effect where your mind registers the fact that what you are experiencing isn’t real and helps the body to cope. While this isn’t a guaranteed method to help with motion sickness, it has been found to help in certain cases.

placebo effect How to Control Feeling Sick with VR

Gradual progression

With VR technology being relatively new, it’s wiser to gradually increase your exposure to it over time. As you immerse yourself more and more into this alternate reality, your mind and body will slowly start adapting to it properly. The most important thing to always remember is to stop if you develop stress of any kind. The technology is here to stay and we have all the time in the world to get used to it.

Have fun entering new worlds!

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