One tech trend that has gained rapid growth in the last couple years is the incorporation of the relatively new USB Type C port in a variety of devices.  From the latest flagship phones, to Apple’s laptop lineup, to even more tech devices like battery banks, storage drives, cameras and drones, USB-C has been popping up more and more.  However, is this exponential growth of this new port a good thing for society or should it be moderated?

Firstly, let’s discuss the advantages of USB-C.  USB-C is one of the most versatile ports around, allowing for the transfer of data at speeds of up to 10 gb/s and power up to 100 watts (20v).  This means that USB-C ports can be used to transfer data, video output to a 4k monitor, and power to a laptop all at the same time.  It’s basically the perfect all in one port!

So with USB-C so versatile, how can there be anything wrong?  Just slap a few USB-C ports on a laptop like Apple did and you have something that is incredibly powerful and versatile, right?  Well…not quite.  The issue is that while it has been getting better, most products still don’t use USB-C.  Many people still rely on traditional USB and HDMI ports for data and video transfer.  People also use other types of ports on a day to day basis such as SD card slots on a laptop and headphone jacks on smartphones.  Now it wouldn’t be a big deal if manufacturers included all these ports ALONG with USB-C ports.  However, many such as Apple and Google have decided to make the ONLY ports on these devices USB type C.   So, in order to use these other types of ports, you are forced to buy an adapter and travel with it for your laptop or phone.

All in all, USB-C is a fantastic concept:  one port to handle high speed data, power, and video transfer.  However, in practice, many manufacturers are deciding to rely solely on USB-C for their products, forcing people to adapt to this future technology when most of their existing products still rely on old tech.

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