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With CES 2018 now over, concept cars and ultra futuristic supercar prototypes flood tech news outlets and optimistic visionaries dreams.  Driverless beasts filled to the brim with screens of all sizes, luxurious seating, LED lighting, and AI assistants seem to be what major car makers deem the future will be.

But a lot of people today seem to miss what a once tiny startup has done to make the future of cars a reality today.  In November 2017, Tesla Motors announced a vehicle that sent supercar makers scrambling and Tesla fans drooling.  The 2020 Tesla Roadster is the future.

Unbeknownst to thousands of event attendees for Tesla’s new semi truck, an even more impressive model sat quiet, waiting to be revealed.  Tesla in classic Apple fashion, pulled a “one more thing” when no one was expecting it.  The truck had been described in detail and people had started to leave when the screen flashed.  Pulses of orange flickered on screen, obviously paying homage to Space Balls the movie until the shimmering red supercar emerged from the now lowered semi ramp.

This incredible car quite unbelievably beats almost every single number on paper.  When released in 2 years, the Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production car in the world.  It accelerates from 0-60mph in under 2 seconds (1.9 to be exact), has a top speed over 250mph, a jaw-dropping range of 620 miles, and still manages to seat 4 all without ever wasting a single drop of gasoline.  Even though the $200,000 price tag might sound high, its remarkably less than almost all other supercars that all in all have worse specs (in fact, it undercut the closest competitors by at least 3/4 of a million dollars).

The true beauty in this car isn’t its sharp curves, aerodynamic body, or glass roof, however.  It’s not the instant torque or even the sexy color.  What really sets Tesla’s new Roadster apart is the world Tesla envisions the car living in.  Time’s are changing and Tesla (among others) thinks electric is the future (zero emissions, quiet, low maintenance, no gas, fast, etc.).  Tesla’s mission statement is not to provide consumers with a vehicle, it’s to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”.  Big brand corporations have started to catch on to this ever popular trend, throwing some big parties for prototype cars while still raking in the cash from sales of gas cars.

The Model 3 is for the masses while the Roadster is for a select lucky few, but Tesla is showing the world how electric vehicles can penetrate every inch of the market, all the while changing the world for the better.



  • Written by CJ May
  • Edited by Ben Boxer