Videos have become the most popular form of content on social media, and they attract more viewers and have higher engagement levels than any other form of content. However some videos are distinctly better than others in both those respects, and are able to not only attract lots of viewers, but also get them to share, comment, and engage with videos more frequently.

Frankly speaking creating better videos doesn’t require better equipment or more expensive production tools. In fact if you want to create better videos for social media, you can start with these tips:

Try to make it bite-sized

Social media videos tend to be best if they’re bite-sized – meaning short and focused. The best duration varies a bit, but as a general rule you should aim for something between 15 seconds and 1 minute in most cases. If you feel the topic you’ve selected can’t be covered in that duration, maybe think about splitting the topic up into several sub-topics that are more focused, and creating a video for each.

Pay attention to trends

Trends and social media go hand in hand, and you should use them to create videos that are more interesting and engaging. Keep in mind that you can both use trends as the topic or style of your videos, as well as their form – for example, live videos are a trend that is dominating social media right now due to their excellent engagement levels.

Provoke emotions

People react more to videos that provoke emotions and are more likely to respond to them by liking, commenting, or sharing the video. The more intense the emotion, the better – and it could be something that tickles, inspires, or even outrages them. In some cases provoking emotions may be tricky, but telling a story is one way to connect viewers to the subject and make them feel emotionally invested in the outcome.

Deliver the message visually

Over the last year or so more and more people have started to watch videos on mute, which means that it is more important than ever they your social media videos are able to deliver their message visually. The simple way to accomplish this is to use subtitles, though you may want to experiment with other forms that are able to ‘show’ the message without having to explicitly spell it out.

Each of these tips should help you to create better videos for social media that are able to attract and engage more viewers. As you can see it doesn’t require any additional investment, just a few tweaks in the way that you approach creating your videos.

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