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Just Cause 3, released in 2015, was the sequel to Just Cause 2 put out by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix, whose legendary studio also creates the Final Fantasy series and Hitman. When the game came out, Just Cause wasn’t very well received by critics with just a 5.9 rating from IGN for example. However, the series has a bit of a cult following mostly due to it’s open-style environment. Many have compared it to GTA for it’s freestyle applications.

The game also made big news because of the sometimes laughable bugs in gameplay. There is an endless stream of them on YouTube for example.

Just Cause 2 came out in 2010, and Just Cause 3 was released in 2015… so does that mean we’ll have to wait until 2020 for the next chapter? There’s already been plenty of hilarious fake outs on the gameplay with this one being particularity memorable.

The gamers want to see

So what do the fans of the series want to see in the next installment of Just Cause?

  • Less realistic motorcycle driving. Motorcycles are supposed to be fun, not a headache to stay on.
  • More aggressive enemies, as with Just Cause 3 they don’t seem to be very realistic when you’re stealing a car right in front of them.
  • Interactions with civilians. Just like in GTA, most gamers want to be able to mess with civilians rather than have them just be passive.
  • Less glitchy. Many gamers found that the Just Cause 3 title had a number of glitches and problems and it would be nice to get that fixed!

There has been alot of speculation about Avalache Studios hiring for the next Just Cause series. And in fact, considering that Avalanche doesn’t have many titles that fit that description, we can be reasonably certain that they are developing Just Cause 4. They also bought the domain name for it back in 2012.

Rumor is a release date in 2019 or 2020, but fans hope it comes alot sooner!