Mobile phones are being used for a variety of purposes other than simply making phone calls. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, top rated companies like Motorola are always working to create different gadgets that enhance the phone usage. The latest product from Motorola, known as the Insta Share Printer, offers the great ability to create amazing prints of captured photos within seconds, right from the mobile device. This, in addition to projectors, external speakers and 360 degree camera lenses, all offer new and exciting ways to use mobile phones in ways that were never imagined when these devices were first introduced. Gone are the days of just being able to make calls. Now, users can use their mobile phones for many things in daily life. They can play amazing games and can even enjoy the thrills of online gambling when they login to on your mobile. With the creation of new and exciting gadgets there are always new ways to enjoy the latest phones to hit the market.

How the New Motorola Product Works

The new Motorola product is very simple to use and it simply attaches to the back of any of the phones from the Moto Z family. It will print a 2×3 picture within seconds right from the phone and there is also a physical shutter button that can be used. In addition to being able to print pictures from the phone it can also print photos collected from Instagram and Facebook. In terms of paper, the accessory will need Zink zero-ink paper. This comes with a sticky backing so you can adhere the pictures to just about anything if so desired. With the Insta Share Printer, users can turn their mobile phones into a Polaroid camera and instantly create amazing photos of high quality in just seconds.

The new product will become available on November 17, 2017 and will come with a price tag of US $199.99. It can be purchased through and will also be featured at Verizon retailers. While the price is rather steep compared to other mobile printers, this attachment has some great features and comes with a trusted name. Small and sleek, the printer can be carried anywhere and will turn any Moto Z phone into a printer, allowing users to always be able to capture those special moments in print.

Other Great Gadgets for Mobile Phones

This new Insta Share Printer is just one of the amazing gadgets that can be used to enhance a smartphone. There are a number of items that users can purchase that will offer multiple uses and provide other ways in which a mobile phone can be used. Charging is always a concern for any smartphone user, so one of the top gadgets on the market is a solar charger. With this, users can convert the power from the sun to charge their device.

For those that love taking pictures, there are many camera gadgets that can be purchased. There is a zoom lens that can be added to many smartphones to add another 8x to the current camera capabilities. There are also 360-degree lenses that can be attached to phones to capture all moments. Like taking selfies? Be sure to check out the selfie flashlights that are available. This works perfectly when using the front facing camera to capture selfie shots since this camera typically does not come with a flash option.

Many Mobile Phone Uses

When mobile phones were first introduced, the offered a single use, to make calls when away from home. Over the years, technology has come a long way, and today’s smartphones are full of amazing capabilities. The continue to serve as a primary phone for many, bit also support text messaging social media apps and platforms and much more. As new devices are created and released, things are enhanced, such as the camera abilities. The smartphones on the market today are capable of capturing stunning pictures and videos, similar to what would be caught on a real camera.

For entertainment buffs, smartphones are able to offer television viewing, streaming of sports and shows and even access to virtual reality games. The gaming apps that are available are astounding and there is a game for everyone, even for those that are willing to risk their money playing at a mobile casino site. With so many options and thousands of apps, there are more ways to enjoy a smartphone than ever before and new and exciting things are always becoming available.

Smartphones can now print pictures that have been captured with the latest gadgets, such as the Insta Share Printer from Motorola. With the ability to print and share, gone are the days of having to wait to hook up to a printer at home. There are endless possibilities and with new gizmos and gadgets always entering the market, there are so many ways in which a smartphone can be used. It is no longer just a phone.

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