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The world of Whatsapp is growing seamlessly with new features being added every day and the newest that will soon make its way to the platform is the ability to switch between voice, video calls seamlessly.

From a user perspective,Whatsapp has come a long way and has become much better with new stickers, location sharing features, voice calls and much more. With so many things to do within the app interface, the next sensible step is to make them more intuitive so that users can access them all without any difficulty. Soon, you will be able to easily switch from a voice call to a video call when you like to show something.

Whatsapp Will Soon Let Users Switch Video Calls Seamlessly    

The biggest takeaway here is that you don’t have to manually cut a call and make a video call again. Instead, provided the network is strong enough, the app will seamlessly switch from an ongoing voice conversation to video instantly without any disconnection in between. The information was confirmed by none other than one of the most famous Twitter user who goes under the name WABETAINFO and as the user has already confirmed a lot of official information before the big launch, this seems to be as reliable as it could get.

This particular feature was spotted in Whatsapp version 2.17.163 on the Android platform. Developers who have ample knowledge about the app usually split open the code so that they could find traces of new features and this time, the team managed to find that there is this transitioning feature between voice and video calls. Besides this feature, the developers are also working to introduce group voice calls so as to bring the app on par with Skype and compete on equal terms.

Whatsapp Will Soon Let Users Switch Between Voice Calls Seamlessly    

A bunch of other features are under development such as new location sticker. The team is keen on making the app more colourful and energetic than giving it a business-like tone. After all, they are already working on abusiness version of the app and have also introduced the verified sticker option. The new idea is to implement more lively stickers similar to the ones found on Instagram and the new range of stickers will include one specific for the location.

In a screenshot, it is being said that two dynamic new stickers will be added to the collection. When the location sticker is added to the images, the app will automatically load all nearby locations available and user can choose to pick their most favorite location to notify it to other users. The same feature works not only on images but also on videos that are sent through a chat window.

Whatsapp Will Soon Let Users Switch Between Voice and Video Calls Seamlessly    

As with most other Whatsapp features, this particular option to add a location sticker and put it on images or videos is still in its early stages. Creating such a dynamic sticker is no easy task because it should seamlessly work with the app and also provide accurate location information without any bugs or technical issues.The team is going towards the right direction as many of the content that was in beta in the past has been successfully rolled out to the app on the iOS and Android versions.

Apart from these features, Whatsapp will now be easy to use on Android 8.0 Oreo because of the picture in picture mode supported by the latest Android version. It makes it easier to keep browsing the phone while replying to messages on the app. The developers are working on ways to improve group conversations, make it more lively and intuitive with improved text support, voice calls and many more to be revealed real soon.