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In a twist of events, it has now been updated that Facebook didn’t remove the delete post button permanently but has instead disabled it for a select group of users as a trial.

Like the saying goes, everything that is shared or said on the internet stays. Be it Twitter, Facebook or any other website for that matter, once the user uploads a photo or message online it will stay in at least one part of the server even after it is fully deleted by the user. Sometimes, tech companies claim that it allows them to retrieve data if the user wants it at a later date or to keep track of things that happen in a user’s profile.

Either way, Facebook did have the option to delete a post when the user no longer wanted it to show in their profile or anyone’s profile for that matter. It was a handy and an essential feature because sometimes you just don’t want a family member or friend to see what you have shared last weekend without knowing its consequences. Similarly, potential employers are now going through personal profiles before offering a job role which could also get affected when random posts clog your profile.

Facebook Didn’t Disable Delete Post Button

The developers at Facebook seems to be putting an end to this convenience one way or the other. At first, the news suggested that Facebook has permanently removed the delete post button for every user on desktop even though it did show up on the mobile platform. However, a newest update confirmed that it is still in its beta period and company didn’t remove the button. Rather they have disabled it for a large group of users which has led to the rumor that it will no longer be possible to remove posts.

In their own statement, Facebook claims that they are not going to remove any option but from a user’s perspective it looks like there is only the option to hide a post from a timeline. The ability to delete a photo, comment or video permanently from FB’s servers was not spottedon their profile. The function however was open and available on the mobile version of the app.

Desktop users had to go much deeper in order to access the feature because you can still see it in the activity log section. For most users this is such a tough task to be able to find the delete post feature hidden in such a spot or maybe Facebook developers don’t want you to keep on posting something randomly and later deleting it like a habit.

Facebook Didn’t Disable Delete Post Button

After all the ruckus, some users have reported that the delete post button is available on their accounts. It is unclear whether Facebook has restored the feature after a lot of users started complaining about the inability to delete something they posted on Twitter and on Facebook. The other option is that maybe the company didn’t roll out the feature for all users but rather tested it out among a bunch of users to see how it goes which became a big issue within a short span of time.

Either way, the new situation has once again confirmed that users should be careful of what they post and talk about on social media platforms as governments are tightening their measures on those who continue to trash talk or post offensive content without thinking twice. If Facebook would suddenly remove the feature to delete posts, you will be left with a profile that says lots of bad things about you and there could be no way to revoke it. After all, the company still owns the site and made users agree to their terms and conditions right.