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The first big update has officially landed on the platform as the developers of Spotify confirmed that they are going to roll out a new version of the app.

It will be designed in such a way that it seamlessly matches the iPhone X top notch.

Samsung did a wonderful job with their bezel less display as they kept it to the lowest possible size instead of extending the display all the way up to the camera notch. While most smartphone manufacturers are trying their best to make phones thinner, it is still impossible to push the front camera to anywhere else because people will no longer be able to take selfies if the location of the cam is changed.

However, most companies have decided to push the front speakers to the side or the top end so that it doesn’t interfere with the overall design. The Essential Phone which comes from a new startup was the first ever phone to sport a slim bezel less display but also had a black area on top and the screen had to be split in order to provide the wholesome experience. For some odd reason, Apple iPhone X has opted for the same imperfect design and if we are to go by the rumors they will be launching three more phones next year and all of them will have similar notches on top.

Spotify UI Updated to Match iPhone X’s

App developers now have no other choice but to go with what Apple has to offer them. Spotify has joined the fray by altering their user interface and to make their song app look as stylish as it could without the iPhone x’s unique design come in the way. The biggest advantage Apple has in this regard is that all their smartphones run on iOS and the new X being the flagship model, developers should roll out updates if they are keen on keeping their customers happy.

By default, most apps will work seamlessly on the iPhone X without any updates being rolled out. They will all probably run with a black bar on top or will simply try to adopt to the new screen resolution and design without much difficulty. The same happened for Spotify earlier with a letterbox styled black bars on the top and bottom. It worked all fine but users would hardly feel that they have purchased a brand new flagship smartphone for $1000 that is hardly any difficult from the phones they already own.

Spotify UI Gets Updated to Match iPhone X’s Top Notch

Developers who want to stay ahead of the curve should adopt and Spotify has decided to do it by updating their app to the latest version 8.4.28. With the latest update applied, the user interface of the music app seamlessly stretches to all corners of the screen and leaves the top black notch as it is. Apple just can’t remove that top notch at all because their phone now entirely depends on the Face ID to unlock as they have removed every other button off the design.

Meanwhile, companies like Samsung, LG and Motorola still have a fingerprint sensor at least in the rear end of their phones which makes it easier for users to unlock phones. Apple has also incorporated the front camera, a number of sensors, Animoji support and many more in the tiny notch that you could easily spot on the iPhone X. While Spotify’s latest update is geared towards the new phone, it also now supports iPad better and has received an update for the Apple CarPlay which allows users to seamlessly connect their iOS devices to their cars to share media content on the go.

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