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The smartphones are about to become much more powerful than they already are and Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first to pioneer new cooling solutions on a massive level.

While many Japanese and Korean smartphone manufacturers have adopted the technology, they didn’t promote it on a large scale. These phones are still under powered when compared to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor or an equivalent Exynos chip. Samsung is prepping for the big launch of the Galaxy S9 smartphones by next April and when they do so they want to make sure it delivers on all fronts.

In the past, smartphone manufacturers would consider reducing the performance and limiting the maximum processing power of the chips so as to stop them from overheating. However, users pretty much expect the phones to perform even better than computers and in order to do so, the system on chips should run at maximum efficiency without any compromise.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The information confirms from a hardware magazine that claims that manufacturers in Taiwan and Japan have found ways to install a heat pipe on the smartphone chips without increasing its size or reducing its performance. Samsung is at the forefront as their biggest partner who are willing to adopt the technology in their flagship models.

It will allow the maker to push and deliver the best performance on a handheld device without it heating up. Besides, when they use a mix of glass and metal chassis to provide wireless charging capabilities in a smartphone, heat levels should be exceptionally low so that the users never feel it at any point. The team is highly confident that they can surprise customers by offering out of the box performance on a smartphone but without compromising on heat dissipation which is mandatory to be able to use the device easily.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Adopt Heat Pipe

The concept of down clocking processors so that they wouldn’t heat up will change in 2018, according to Samsung’s proposal of adopting heat pipe cooling solution. When the chipset has to handle highly taxing applications, the processor will balance power output and heat so that it will function very efficiently as the user would expect it to do.

Based on the information revealed by the technology magazine from Japan, Samsung will implement the new cooling solution in all their flagship models scheduled for launch in 2018. It includes their most celebrated Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy Note 9 models. These smartphones are still a long way to go as the company usually unveils them in the month of April or so.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Adopt Heat Pipe Solution to Keep Processors Cool

Meanwhile, their existing models like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are going on a great run. While Apple iPhone X is already facing issues with its OLED display and the disturbing black notch on top, Samsung is going strong and is back from their Note 7 hiatus which created such a wrong notion among buyers back in 2017.

More details on how the heat pipe would help the processor stay cool at all times is yet to be revealed as the technology is still in its early stages. The company may choose to keep things under wraps so that their competitors don’t use it before they do. But, Qualcomm’s support is essential in order to implement it. Samsung is also working on patent rights which will enable them to implement a face ID like security system on the Galaxy S9 so as to compete with Apple iPhone X on an equal platform but it is not confirmed and the company prefers to keep the fingerprint sensor as well as the 3.5mm audio jack for now.