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One of the biggest changes in the world has been made by Disney, world’s largest company in association with Electronic Arts has decided to not support gambling as they removed microtransactions from the anticipated game title.

Disney has a strong foot in the world of technology and gaming as they continue to product or fund one idea after the other. The team wanted to ensure that they maintain their family audience because of which every time their movie franchises, games, products and accessories manage to make them millions in revenue. Star Wars is one such franchise which just can’t go away anywhere as it has managed to have another trilogy now and more movies planned for the future.

EA and Disney Forced by Fans to Not Adopt Smartphone Like Gambling Style

Star Wars Battlefront II is the name of the game title which was supposed to have something called microtransactions. While smartphones are not directly involved in it, the type of making money through a single title repeatedly. A lot of mobile games belong to this category because they are all free to play and when you start getting into the world they have created, the title will slowly encourage you to buy boxes with exclusive content. However, majority of them wouldn’t even provide a choice of weapon, skin pack or character.

Rather, every time a player pays for something they will receive a random loot box which may have any one of the three mentioned items and will be the key getting better at the game you are playing. Players who are willing to spend large amounts of money will usually win much easier whereas everyone else has to spend thirty or forty hours in order to get one of the hero or a weapon or a powerup.

EA and Disney Forced by Fans to Not Adopt Smartphone

Similarly, on a mobile environment, things will be even more difficult where players should login to the app daily in order to get powerups, extra rewards or resources whereas those willing to pay can get the same immediately as long as they are ready to keep on spending on the same title. The exact business model was supposed to be found in the Star Wars Battlefront II title which got launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC today.

Before the launch, the company tried to explain that they don’t have popular heroes hidden behind a paywall but they did admit that it will take 40 hours for each player to unlock a single hero. A total of 2100 hours should be spent in order to unlock them all whereas those who want to just pay and simply things can choose to spend over a $1000 in order to experience the full game, even though they already paid $60 in the fist place to buy this AAA title.

Star Wars Battlefront II EA and Disney

Smartphone gaming which belongs to a completely different world and has a different set of audience is not the same as what people like on a desktop or a console. A massive outcry from fans which began on Reddit ensured that the developers and the publisher Electronic Arts who also works with Walt Disney had to go back on their stand in promoting gambling in games. It was already considered a big offense in most countries as their legal departments started investigating it further.

Instead of letting things go out of hand, Disney in association with Electronic Arts seem to have completely removed loot boxes from the Star Wars Battlefront II title allowing gamers to enjoy the real experience they were supposed to. It should simplify things at least for now even though future titles may or may not adopt this policy when people are too greedy to unlock them all at once for a price.

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