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With months passing by quickly, the Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors just wouldn’t stop and the newest one is that they will use anti-glare camera for easier outdoor shots while it will also retain the most important 3.5mm audio jack.

The smartphone industry is undergoing a huge change where some of the manufacturers are getting rid of all the ports except for the Type C charging port whereas companies like Samsung and LG are keen on retaining the 3.5mm audio jack. They are not only supporting the proven technology which has been around for so many decades now but also pushing it further so as to give a complete music experience for the owners.

Based on the latest report, it is being said that the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will retain the widely used audio jack. All the headphones that you have purchased so far including the high end ones are supposed to work seamlessly on the device without having to use an adapter. The bundle will include AKG-tuned headset which puts the device on par with LG which bundles a similar product with their new V30+ smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Another surprising aspect is that most bundled headphones will be of cheap quality but the AKG headset to be bundled with the Galaxy S9 will have Bluetooth functionality out of the box, bringing it on par with many other competitor products. Besides, people who purchase the flagship smartphone at such high price tag may no longer need to invest in a pair of additional headphones to watch movies or listen to music as the one provided in the bundle can get the job done while being appeasing to even hardcore multimedia enthusiasts.

Dual camera setup will be a prominent aspect of the new flagship smartphone with improved color reproduction and picture quality. But, at the same time the anti-glare BBAR layer ghost technology used on the lens will ensure amazing output even when shooting in broad daylight. The technology ensures that it is possible to take photos using the dual camera setup without any glare at any point.

Samsung Galaxy S9 AKG headset

Apart from these nearly confirmed rumors, Samsung is also working on ways to make sure their upcoming flagship model the Galaxy S9 can directly compete with the iPhone X which has some great gimmicks up its sleeve. Despite the complaints users made regarding the new Apple phone, the Face ID technology does fascinate most users which is what Samsung wants to bring on board in their own phones.

They have already incorporated the concept of iris scanning to give users access to their smartphones. But, the technology is considered not so intuitive because showing your face to the phone and unlocking it is considered easier, as well as secure rather than trying to keep your eyes wide open in the public to unlock the phone.

Report Suggests Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Use Anti-Glare Camera

Apple iPhone X has done Face ID at its best level setting a new bench mark for Samsung Galaxy S9 to cope up with. While in terms of bezel less design, the Android flagship has gained an upper hand because it doesn’t have a top notch, the ability to unlock phones without having to touch it is definitely needed when the phone gets launched in 2018. A 3D sensing facial camera is being rumoured as the company continues to acquire one patent after another in order to keep things in line before production begins.

While Apple has planned to launch three different types of iPhone X models next year, Samsung will be the first to race as they launch their flagship models months earlier before Google or Apple unveils their own phones.