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A surprise fact about Google is that unless the developers change their services, users may never know how cluttered it used to be.

The changes are now coming to Google Maps with cleaner user interface, intuitive layout and choice of colors.

The Google Maps app is growing in phenomenal size because it is now the most used application on Android smartphones, desktops and on every other device possible. With newer routes being connected and more roadways listed, it may look extremely confusing to instantly find what you want while looking at the map screen. The developers seem to have thought the same and has decided to bring down the high fidelity colors so as to provide a soothing experience for users while allowing them to find their destination easily.

Google Maps Undergoes Major Changes

Speaking at the launch, Google’s product manager Liz Hunt commented that the lighter and easy on the eyes color choices are made so as to reflect your world at the very moment so that users can know exactly what they are up to. Instead of dumping all the available information on the app which could be plenty, the newer update will provide only what you might need based on what you are doing currently.

For example, when you are driving from one destination to another, the map will automatically assume you are using a vehicle because of the road based navigation. It will only show gas stations on the map whereas people who are travelling by public mode will get information on transit, next train available and so on. The segregation based on what the user is currently doing plays a huge role in making it easy to find things rather than having to browse through a pile of information.

The designers at Google have introduced a completely new color palette with light colors that are easily distinguishable from one another. While shopping is shown in a bright blue color, entertainment now has a green tint whereas outdoor is represented by deep green variant making it more intuitive than ever to find your way using Google Maps or reach the destination where you want to.

Google Maps Undergoes Major Changes with Cleaner Interface

Instead of changing the color codes for different locations, a hospital will be denoted using the same color in every region and country throughout the map. It makes it simpler and similarly people who are new to the destination can instantly find whether a coffee shop or a hospital is close by, by simply looking at the color code. They no longer have to search based on names or trying to identify unknown places in a new neighborhood.

In their official blog, the development team confirmed that the new color codes and simplified design will not be introduced in Google Maps but also in all other relevant products such as the Search, Google Earth, Assistant and Android Auto. A unified experience will make it easier for users to move through different apps and services while maintaining the same color codes.

Google Maps Undergoes Major Changes with Cleaner Interface and Easier to Use

Google has always been at the forefront when it comes to adopting some solid changes when compared to the original version. Be it the Gmail, Hangouts or Google Maps, they have also been changed so many times so as to provide the best customer experience. While Maps have remained nearly the same for many years now, it does look completely different and more intuitive than ever especially with the massive changes made to the choice of colors.

More new features are heading to the Maps in the near future but Google wants to focus on user experience before introducing something entirely innovative to the platform.